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Although it looks like someone I know has had a baby boy, these are birthday cupcakes I made for a friend over the weekend. She has a duck which she takes on all her adventures and I thought she would like these little guys.

Coconut being his favourite thing, I made these to take for my Grandpa while visiting this weekend. They were really easy to make and a good balance between macaroon and cookie.

 I’m sure cakes bought for charity always taste better. These ones were for a Macmillan Art and Craft sale in Brighton. I used the poster for the event as inspiration and used mini smarties and colourful cases.

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is candy corn season. I had been craving them for a while and so wanted to put them on everything. They made these cupcakes a little bit festive. This was the first time I used squirty icing as I was rushing to make them before class and I can safely say I won’t ever again. It was way too sweet and I much prefer the one I make, but I guess for these the colour was perfect.

A good reason to have a silly party is your best friend is moving to Spain for a year to teach and you are going to miss her. I threw a ‘Hooters’ themed party for my friend who loved visiting Hooters while traveling this summer. It was really just a reason for us to wear the tshirts and eat mini versions of fast food. And as a party always needs some cake…I made these cupcakes which were a mixture of the Hooters writing and boobs. They were probably the most fun cakes I have made, I spent ages discussing nipple size and getting the icing to look like skin. They were also a great excuse to eat two, as of course they are better in pairs…