November 2010

Hooters Party

A good reason to have a silly party is your best friend is moving to Spain for a year to teach and you are going to miss her. I threw a ‘Hooters’ themed party for my friend who loved visiting Hooters while traveling this summer. It was really just a reason for

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Banana Cupcakes

Banana cake has been eaten by my family since I can remember.I decided to use Mum’s cake recipe (with her knowing) to make these cupcake versions. They came out exactly like hers but in mini. I made vanilla frosting so that you

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Cake for Grandy

So over the summer it was a special birthday for my Grandmother. Having been away for her actual day I wanted to make her something special when I got back. With my sister clearly having input in the colour choices I came up with this simple and pretty cake which she loved.

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