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Breakfast at Tiffany’s has always been one of my favourite films so when I found out that Hampton Court were staging a screening I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to watch it under the stars. The idea is that you enjoy a picnic before the film starts, so I wanted to make something that was easy to take and that everyone could eat easily. I made individual Tiffany boxes which allowed me to use my new cake tin. It also meant that I now have learnt how to make bows. I used this wonderful tutorial from Katiecakes



It’s been a while since I have made anything for Lauren’s work. I wanted to have another go at royal icing so figured these biscuits were a good choice, especially for tea time in an office. As you can see here I’ve attempted their logo. I used Tate & Lyle’s Royal Icing Sugar which made the whole process a lot easier. The purple sprinkles were lovingly added by Becki as I find making royal icing a two person job as it dries quickly. My design for transport of the biscuits was pretty basic…I hope they all made it there in one piece! 

 I had a request for Carrot Cake, I’d never made it before and not really eaten a massive amount of it either. I can safely say that I am now a fan. It has just enough cinnamon and ginger and I used this Hummingbird Bakery recipe as I find their recipes stay moist the longest and always turn out pretty right. I excluded the walnuts as my friend is allergic and I’m not that keen either, and it doesn’t feel like it’s lacking them. Think they would also be great in cupcake form. 

Ok so they could be a bit neater, but they are pretty cute. Made in cupcake tins, the mini versions are good for dessert portions or maybe picnics.

 If you had asked me to eat a blueberry a year ago I probably would have refused, but now I’m obsessed. I’ve even recently bought a blueberry plant! So when wanting to make something new I chose his cake recipe from the Hummingbird book, which can be found here. The cake wasn’t too sweet and was balanced out nicely with the sugary cream cheese frosting.