Archives for the month of: December, 2011

I seem to have started my own tradition of making mince pies on Christmas Eve, mostly because I always run out of time earlier in the week. This year I used Waitrose filling and Bill Granger’s pastry which you can see how to make here. Last year I just did stars but this time  I pretty much just used all the tiny cutters I could find to make different tops, but we all decided the tree was our new favourite. I prepared them all on Christmas Eve then put them in the oven yesterday afternoon so everyone could eat them hot.

Back in November I did a post about the making of our Christmas Pudding and yesterday we finally got to eat it. We poured a load of brandy on top and lit it while it was still warm. We had so many creams, butters and sauces to have with it and I naturally opted for the one with Baileys. Everyone especially enjoyed eating it with our new spoons with puddings on them.

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope everyone had a lovely day. Here are a few photos from our day including our new decoration and a yummy cake my Grandmother made.

I had a request for white chocolate and raspberry muffins for someone in Lauren’s office who is leaving. I’ve never really made muffins or really used these flavours so it was a new challenge. I chose this Nigella recipe to follow. It was slightly vague and I had to tweak it a little, lowering the oven temperature etc. They turned out pretty good with big bits of gooey raspberry and chunks of chocolate. I hope a certain Australian enjoys them!

As if I hadn’t made enough biscuits already, I decided to make these snowflakes. They are pretty small and can definitely be eaten in two bites. The snowflakes are decorated with silver royal icing and covered in white sugar sprinkles.