Archives for the month of: January, 2012

A few years ago now I spent the summer in The Hamptons with my family, including my cousin who is over from America at the moment. During our time there we consumed so many Tate’s cookies. Using this recipe from the Tate’s cookbook we decided to recreate the memories by making a batch together.¬†They took some shaping to get them into the right thickness of a Tate’s cookie, so they would have their signature slightly crisp texture. They were so delicious, full of chocolate chips and tasted exactly how I remembered.

My lovely cousin is visiting from America and after seeing my baking from afar, wanted to sample something while she was here. I chose to make vanilla cupcakes. I themed them to her favourite sweets here, Percy Pigs. I look forward to making her more yummy things during her stay.

I wanted to make something really cute for our friend Katy’s birthday and have been wanting to learn how to make sugar flowers for ages. So I bought some flower paste and followed the instructions in this year’s Great British Bake Off Book. It took a bit of practice but now my efforts resemble roses. I let them dry out for a few days and then used them to decorate these vanilla cupcakes. The frosting is raspberry flavoured and I made it by adding a couple of spoons of seedless raspberry jam to this¬†frosting recipe. I finished the cupcakes with some edible glitter to give them some birthday sparkle!

Happy New Year Everyone! Sadly January seems to be associated with healthy eating. After a month of inhaling chocolate and everything else I could get my hands on, I felt it was time to join in and at least snack better. I love cereal bars and find them an easy thing to eat in the morning, but I was tired of buying ones filled with sugar and who knows what else. So I found this recipe which had yummy ingredients such as coconut, apricot and peanut butter. I added more types of seeds and halved the amount of sugar as I felt it didn’t need it, what with the syrup and vanilla. They are delicious. I wrapped them with baking paper and string so they can be taken to work or put in a handbag.