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I’ve been promising my cousin I would make this for him for a while. Today was his birthday so I finally attempted it. His request was Mountain Dew cake. It felt weird adding a soft drink to cake mix and to frosting. I vaguely followed this recipe but doubled it and altered it along the way, tweaking to taste. It is a strange mixture of lemon, lime and a hint of orange which kind of actually tastes dew-ish. It does however have that sickly charm that Mountain Dew has so I guess I got it kind of right.

Having been brought up on Middle Eastern food, Baklava is one of my favourite sweet treats. Despite having tried many varieties at different places, like with most foods, the one my Grandmother makes is by far the best so I asked her to teach me. Baklava doesn’t have that many ingredients but requires making the perfect sugar syrup and rolling which took me a few times to get right. The best part was the pouring of the cool syrup on the hot pastry. These are crispy and buttery yet sticky with syrup. I’m so grateful she took the time to teach me and I love that I will always be able to make these.

I couldn’t resist a bit of Valentine’s baking. For me Love Hearts are pretty iconic for this romantic day and so I chose to recreate them in cookie form. I made the royal icing in the typical pastel colours and wrote little messages on all of them. I stuck to mostly traditional nice messages apart from a couple which read ‘No Chance’ and ‘You’re OK’, just to mix it up a bit. I look forward to giving out the nice ones to the people I love today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ever since I made this blueberry cake in the summer my Dad has been relentlessly requesting more . So when deciding what cake to make for his birthday there was really only one option. I used exactly the same Hummingbird recipe but put it into birthday cake form.  It now has a better balance of cake and cream cheese frosting due to the layers and I predict will be demolished even quicker than the last one. Happy Birthday Dad!