Archives for the month of: June, 2012

Wimbledon Tennis starts this week and to celebrate we decided to have a party.  Pretty much everything was green and purple themed from our clothes down to the balloons, straws, plates and candles. We started with afternoon tea, for which I made tennis ball biscuits and cupcakes and  cupcakes with strawberry frosting. The rest of the evening was spent playing with giant tennis balls and rackets, hanging out on inflatable tennis ball chairs, wearing tennis player masks, watching the film ‘Wimbledon’ and of course, drinking Pimms.

Seeing one of the cupcakes I made painted so amazingly is one of the coolest things ever. The talented artist is my friend Kim who, although can clearly paint anything, specialises in pet portraits. She has a brilliant new website which features a blog post about painting my cupcakes, which you can see here. I love her paintings and I can’t wait to see the double cupcake painting she has planned. 

Being able to make gluten-free cupcakes seemed like a good skill to have, as lots of people have ditched gluten and some just plain can’t have it. I was worried they were going to taste plain or have a funny aftertaste but they don’t, they are great. I used my go-to Hummingbird recipe but swapped the flour and baking powder for gluten-free options. I made two kinds, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate cake with nutella frosting. The only thing I did find is that after a little bit the cases slightly came away from the sides. Maybe the way forward is heavier metallic cases as it’s possibly something to do with the cake shrinking as it cools or how moist the cake is and how thin the cases are.

In our house there are no wasted bananas. The ones that are slightly too ripe to eat are perfect for making cakes. Using my mum’s banana cake recipe I made these cupcakes and then topped them with caramel frosting. I did this by adding a couple of spoons of this amazing caramel sauce into my normal frosting recipe. Finally, no banoffee combination is complete without a couple of chocolate curls.

I’ve been looking forward to the Jubilee weekend for a while now, and it was just as good as I expected it to be. Our house was filled with family and overflowing with food. Alongside other contributions such as the amazing quiches made by my Grandmother, I made a ‘Jubilee Blueberry’ cake and cupcakes. As always my mum made the day extra special by adding touches such as the incredible crown stand, red white and blue flowers, balloons and personalised party bags.