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So summer finally decided to show up this week, and wanting to take advantage of the amazing weather before it disappears again, we decided to go fruit picking. It’s something I try to do every summer. It’s quite relaxing and reminds me of going when I was little. I came home with strawberries and raspberries and no clue what I wanted to do with them. It turned out to be a tart, which I filled with custard and topped with a kind of jam topping made from the fruit I collected. It was the perfect dessert to end our first BBQ of the summer.

It feels like I saw the trailer for the new Spiderman film a lifetime ago now. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it for so long I bought these Spiderman cupcake cases and toppers in America way back in March. I decided on chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting. I was beyond excited that I finally got to use them and see the film this week. Both were totally worth the wait.

To me there is nothing more adorable than a dog. So having two of them on one cupcake makes these, the cutest cupcakes I have made to date. Again I used edible toppers, but this time chose two photos. While making these cupcakes I also managed to figure out my gluten-free cupcake case issue. It turns out that the metallic cases don’t come away from the cakes. Problem solved!

Sociates Cupcakes by Afternoon Crumbs from Sociates on Vimeo.

My cupcakes beautifully captured by Sociates! It can be viewed much larger here.

My friend Steve, who made my lovely website for me just had his birthday. I wanted to make him something special and when I found these QR code cupcake toppers I knew that was what I wanted to do for him. QR (Quick Response) codes can be scanned and read like a barcode, and in this instance links you straight to the Sociates website. I ordered them from here along with a set of his company’s logo. I can’t recommend the edible toppers enough. The company was really helpful, we discussed what I wanted and they made the code. The toppers were also easy to use and arrived super quick. I really like this approach to cake decorating, definitely more interactive than sprinkles.