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I’ve mentioned before that in our house we don’t waste bananas. We make cake. So, what happens when our house ends up with too much banana cake? You attempt to make cake balls!! You basically crumble up the cake, mix it with frosting and shape it into a ball, then cover it in melted candy coating. Think cake pops…minus the stick. Definitely not the most elegant looking creation but yummy all the same, if a little too sweet.

As well as the lemon cake I made these pots for Grandy’s birthday tea. My Grandparents have always had the most amazing garden so I thought these mini plant pots would be perfect. You bake the cake in the silicon pots just like a cupcake case, I obviously chose chocolate to resemble earth. They were cute but seriously difficult to get out the case in one piece.

Making my Grandmother’s birthday cake is always one of the highlights of my summer. Partly because I like doing something nice for her and partly because she is always so pleased with whatever she receives. Previous cakes for her can be seen here and here. Grandy has always loved lemons. I was told of how she would pick them as a little girl and eat them straight from the tree. To balance out the lemon and stick the two cakes together I filled it with raspberry jam. I’m pretty sure this was my first fully frosted cake so with a little practice hopefully I can get it a bit smoother. Happy Birthday Grandy!

The only reason I’m showing baking support for a team other than Great Britain during the Olympics is that Lauren had her ‘Office Olympics’ over the past two weeks. She was allocated South Korea. In order to help her gain some points and win gold I made these cupcakes topped with the South Korean flag.