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Along with the biscuit cutters I was given these adorable cupcake cases and toppers. Fiona, Lauren and I also made these at the weekend. We decorated them using a big box of sprinkles full of halloween decorations including tiny ghosts and sherbet bones and bats. Note that there is only one orange one left…Happy Halloween!

I’ve completely come around to the idea of Halloween. Mostly because it’s a holiday based on sweet treats and the colour orange. This weekend my lovely friend Fiona was visiting. As it is the weekend before Halloween some Halloween baking was the perfect Saturday afternoon activity. They accidentally ended up being lemon flavoured as I picked up the lemon essence instead of vanilla extract. Using these cookie cutters that my Dad recently brought from America, Fiona, Lauren and I lovingly cut out and iced these cute biscuits. It was so great to have some company while baking!

I’m really over excited that my friend Jade is staying with me at the moment from South Africa. I decided that I would make her a birthday cake for every birthday we haven’t spent together since she left. So I made six 6 inch mini cakes using some of her favourite flavours. They were Victoria Sponge, Chocolate, Coffee, Coconut, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff and Banana with Baileys frosting.