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The run up to Christmas has been hectic, trying to see everyone, do everything and of course bake everything I wanted to. So today it was so nice to relax, sleep in late (accidentally), not rush anything and enjoy the day with my family. I thought I’d share a couple of highlights from my day including the Christmas cake I made decorated with a personalised cake topper, the incredible wrapping from my sister, Christmas cupcakes and nibbles on our new Alice Mara ‘Hanging Santa’ Plate. I hope everyone had a special day whatever you did. I’m off on some Tasty Travels to Australia for a few weeks but you can keep up with my adventures via Twitter and Instagram. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy cake – filled New Year! 

Christmas Sweaters (Jumpers) might be one of the best things about Christmas. The uglier the better. Every year I indulge in a novelty sweater normally from here, and this year was no exception. Last night my sister and I gathered all our friends to celebrate the festive season with a Christmas Sweater party. It was so much fun and everyone looked so cute in their sweaters! For the party I made these sweater biscuits using this cutter. It took a while to decorate them all but it was so worth it as I had tons of fun deciding what to put on each one. For some of them I took inspiration from real sweaters such a mine and my cousins which you can see below! 

To counter how much cake I consume I go to Cobham Pilates a few times a week. It’s such a great place filled with fun, laughter and agonising hamstring stretches. Right from the start everyone there has been so welcoming and I can’t imagine my life without it now. To say thank you and wish everyone a Merry Christmas I made these vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. On them I had printed a Christmas message and everyone’s favourite Pilates bear wearing a santa hat. Merry Christmas Cobham Pilates! x

Ok here it is. Part 2 of my eating-fest in New York… Read the rest of this entry »

Even though we were only in New York for a week I managed to taste lots of different foods in lots of different areas. So much in fact that this post will have to be split in to two parts! This time of year in New York is amazing. We watched the speedy transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas happen overnight with the shops covered in lights and decorations. It was really special and we made sure we saw all the festive department stores, giant trees and holidays sights. We visited loads of  locations such as Greenwich, Uptown, Williamsburg and Soho. Not only did I hunt down different cakes and sweets but also indulged in some amazing savoury food like sandwiches, pizza and an epic breakfast… Read the rest of this entry »