December 2013

Merry Christmas MyPlaySpace

I wanted to find a way to thank MyPlaySpace for asking me to do some of their photography this year I knew exactly what to do – turn mini gingerbread houses into their playhouse. They are the most adorable size (I put a few Quality Street in a photo for context), about 3 inches. I cut and baked the gingerbread using this template. Then I outlined and

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Fireman Sam Cake

I’ve got a few more things to catch up on and then we will get to Christmas. Swear. Cinnamon, snowflakes, sparkles, the whole lot. But for now let me tell you about this birthday cake. So I had a request for a second birthday with a specific design…a Fireman Sam cake (cute!) but, could fireman Sam be putting out a fire…It took me a while to figure out how to translate that on to a cake. Mostly because

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