January 2014

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macarons

I’m tired of everyone telling me to not eat sugar. What is that. It’s all over the newspaper and magazines. Ugh. As long as I’m consuming less than I did over Christmas it’s ok right? They can drop it now. I’m not interested. I am however, majorly interested and excited about these macarons. Plus I’m sure one or two of these won’t do any harm. It’s been a good while since I’ve made macarons (you can see my previous attempts here) and I’ve kind of missed making them. Sure, they can be temperamental and messy, but, the results are always

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Barney Cake

I might as well kick the year off with a super bright and happy cake like this one. I can remember watching Barney when I was younger. Well, I have vague memories of dinosaurs in a back yard and lots of singing. I didn’t even realise it was still on. But, I got a request for a ‘Barney and Friends’ themed first birthday cake which

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