September 2014

Ibiza Cake


Don’t get mad, but you’re probably reading this while I’m on a boat in Ibiza. Yep. My sister decided to celebrate her birthday in Ibiza this year, in time to catch the closing parties and visit our friend Katy who has been working out there the whole summer. I cant wait to party and have fun with our friends, to dance to David Guetta and of course Instagram sunsets. We had a family celebration this past weekend and felt it was only appropriate to make

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Purple Found Cupcakes


Guys, this is what happens when you try and take some speedy photos at 7am, when the light is a bit weird and all you use to style it out is a bit of window ledge. All the same I wanted to share these cupcakes with you and have a quick catch up. Last week was National Cupcake Week. I hope you had at least one if not several cupcakes to celebrate. If not, don’t worry it’s

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Lily Of The Valley Cake


I’ve never made my Mum a birthday cake. I think that sounds pretty bad considering making cakes is what I do. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just it’s normally my Grandmother’s task. This year I persuaded her to join forces with me to make my Mum’s cake as I had something particular in mind. I’m really not good at keeping secrets or dealing with surprises. It’s stressful. Especially from my Mum as we spend so much time together. The whole thing involved

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50th Birthday Macaron Cake


It seems my blog is having a bit of a macaron moment. Not sorry. I made a similar macaron cake to this one last year for my cousin but in rainbow colours. I seriously love the idea of combining the two things to make an epic looking cake. I had promised my pilates teacher and friend Donna that I would make her a macaron cake for her 50th birthday and seeing as she forgot this, it was an even better surprise when

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