January 2015

Owl Cupcakes for Katy


I’m very aware that at the start of January most people are shielding their eyes from cakes, sugar and anything that isn’t filled with fancy new wheats or super duper fruits. BUT people still have birthdays this month and those people neeeed cake. Our friend Katy has been staying with us on and off over the holidays while she is back and forth between Ibiza and Cornwall. We were lucky enough to have her on her birthday so surprised her with a few

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Afternoon Crumbs Biscuits


Happy New Year! For me it’s always quite hard to write the first post of the year. I’m a bit out of practice and I find trying to gather my thoughts at the start of January usually seems a bit of a struggle. I’m probably just waking up out of my Christmas food coma. Anyway, I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas and that maybe you baked something to share with your friends or family. I’m a bit overexcited about 2015 already. My diary is already sprinkled with

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