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It hasn’t felt even remotely close to Easter yet. Probably due to how quickly it has come around but also this hideous weather. Wanting to bring a bit of sunshine and Easter spirit to our house I decided to make a classic. I’ve never made bread or anything close. I’m not sure I’d even tasted a hot cross bun before. I opted for the current King of bread-making Paul Hollywood’s recipe for my first attempt. The recipe was simple and easy to follow. The only changes I made were to lessen the amount of cinnamon, as my family prefer it that way and I also left out the apple. I found making bread kind of like magic; this giant thing appears from basically nothing. As fascinating as it was to watch it grow and grow, this recipe needs lots of different resting times so takes a while. I’m still surprised when things turn out how they are meant to, especially on first attempts. These buns were light, filled with a good amount of fruit and flavour and delicious toasted for breakfast.

Happy New Year Everyone! Sadly January seems to be associated with healthy eating. After a month of inhaling chocolate and everything else I could get my hands on, I felt it was time to join in and at least snack better. I love cereal bars and find them an easy thing to eat in the morning, but I was tired of buying ones filled with sugar and who knows what else. So I found this recipe which had yummy ingredients such as coconut, apricot and peanut butter. I added more types of seeds and halved the amount of sugar as I felt it didn’t need it, what with the syrup and vanilla. They are delicious. I wrapped them with baking paper and string so they can be taken to work or put in a handbag.