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This week was my best friend Becki’s birthday. The plan was to have nibbles and drinks at hers before going out so I thought I would make her some birthday cupcakes to share with everyone. They were inspired by the wrapping paper for her present. I knew it would be perfect as she loves sweets and we always get pick ‘n’ mix at the cinema. The cupcakes were vanilla filled with raspberry jam and topped with a few of her fave sweets including white chocolate jazzies. I love how fun they look and that you could easily customise with any sweets that take your fancy. Happy Birthday Becki! x

I wanted to share a few speedy snaps I took of these cupcakes because I think they will make you happy. They totally sum up how I’m feeling about these welcome bursts of spring weather and hopefully they brought some sunshine to two ladies celebrating their birthdays this week. Flowers are always cute for girly birthday cupcakes and I made these ones by using two different size flower cutters and layering them on top of each other with a sugar pearl in the centre. I made yellow ones for the lemon cupcakes and pink for the vanilla. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Sharon and Traci! x

My goal was to write this post before a month had passed since my birthday and it was December – I haven’t failed on that but it’s still embarassingly late. However, my birthday weekend was too good not to share a few photos. As you can imagine I tried to make my birthday last as long as possible. So I started the celebrations on Halloween with an awesome burger filled dinner at Shake Shack with my friends. On my actual birthday I had a lovely birthday breakfast with my family which consisted of a mountain of bagels. Also, check out the cake my mum made! Being a big superhero fan (Yep. I’m totally wearing a Spiderman sweatshirt as I type this) it was the perfect cake and she included all my favourite characters. I was then lucky enough to spend the rest of the weekend in the New Forest where we stayed at the incredible Limewood Hotel. My weekend was filled with afternoon teas, cosy movie afternoons in our own cottage, long muddy walks encountering pigs, fireside lunches, chilling out in the gorgeous spa and some of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. It also ended in the best way possible, tea and scones at the chef’s table overlooking the busy Sunday lunch rush. It really was the perfect birthday weekend. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so memorable! x

I deal with the fact that I don’t have a dog of my own by spending time with the ones that belong to my friends. My friend Louisa has a dog called Lenny. I love him for a lot of reasons. One of them being because we have the same hair, but I also love how cheeky he is. I’ve been told he once stole a child’s birthday cake from a picnic. On a particularly adorable walk with Lenny I took a seriously cute picture of him looking up at me. I knew I wanted to use it for something for Louisa one day and when her birthday rolled around I knew exactly what. Ok sure, in the original photo of him he wasn’t wearing a party hat or have a party horn in his mouth, but that is the magic of Photoshop. His little face amused me so much on these cupcakes and Louisa loved them too. Happy belated birthday Louisa xx

This week my sister came home with the Bake it in a Cake book for me. It was such a lovely surprise and after one flick through the book, I knew I wanted to make this recipe for my Dad’s birthday cake. My Dad loves cherry pies (I made him one here) so I knew he would love to find one inside his cake. I scaled the recipe up to birthday size and used a cherry pie enough for two people so it would fit in the cake tin. If I had more time I would have made my own, but this one worked well and stayed intact inside the cake. I kind of expected the pie to sink but when he cut it it was perfectly suspended inside. I really didn’t know what to expect when making this cake and watched the oven the whole time it was in there, half waiting for it to explode. The only problems I had were that it slightly sank at the top and the cake was a tiny bit less baked around the pie. However, it tasted delicious and the frosting was amazing. It was vanilla, but flavoured using the pod instead of essence which gave it a lovely taste, almost like custard, and cute black freckles. Wanting to keep the outside simple and not give away the inside I chose to follow this tutorial and create scalloped sides which was simple to do and gave it a neat finish. Dad loved his birthday cake and I loved seeing his face when he saw the hidden pie. Happy Birthday to the best Dad x