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This Valentine’s Day I’ve fallen in love with ribbon. Yep ribbon. This cool metallicy grey fuzzy one that I knew would be perfect for tying up treat bags of Valentine biscuits. I always tend to make some sort of biscuit around Valentine’s Day. You can see previous years’ designs here and here. It’s the endless possibilities for decoration, and this year I wanted to go for something a little different. Offering a little more than romance, the love heart peace sign is one of my favourite symbols and the perfect token to give to all my friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I used some vintage cutters that my Granny gave me a while ago that she used to use when baking for my Dad, the smaller heart was the perfect shape for the peace sign logo. For the biscuits I used The Biscuiteers plain biscuit recipe and used royal icing to decorate. Ok, there had to be some pink in there somewhere, it is for Valentine’s after all, but it’s dusky and I love how it goes with the grey and white. I finished them off using dots, sprinkles and sugar flowers. Then packaged them in cellophane bags with my beloved ribbon.

Although January was somewhat miserable weather-wise, for me it was pretty great and full of a combination of my favourite things. I spent it enjoying plenty of warm drinks, afternoons experimenting in the kitchen, serious tv series catch up, watching endless red carpets on E! and cosy chats with friends. My month inspired these cupcakes, a comforting combination to make the winter pass a little faster. Personally I think tea and biscuits make this time of year bearable and thought they would make a cute cupcake. I started by making a tea flavoured cake. For this I used tea granules (I had no idea these existed until I spotted them in the supermarket) and substituted some of the liquid part of the recipe with a strong tea and warm water mix. In an attempt to get the most tea flavour I made a tea syrup by boiling equal parts sugar and water with the tea granules dissolved in it. For the biscuit frosting I used this. I’ve just discovered it and while eating spoonfuls of it from the jar (of course I did this) dries out your moth like an actual biscuit, it is delicious mixed into frosting. I beat it for longer and added more milk than I normally do to make it a little lighter. The tea flavour is pretty subtle and I’d probably make it a bit stronger in the future but the cake is super fluffy and is a great winter afternoon treat.

When our lovely friend Jane asked me to make a cake for her 30th birthday I was so excited. She is the sweetest person who is so much fun to be around. She is also an incredible violinist so of course wanted to make this the main theme of the cake. I made violin biscuits using this cutter and the Biscuiteers recipe. I decorated them in both the standard brown colour and blue, after seeing her pictured with an amazing bright blue violin. I attached them to the sides of the cake with buttercream and stuck the 30 to lollipop sticks so they would stand up on top of the cake. She has been travelling about a lot and wasn’t sure of where she would be to celebrate. With this in mind I made a two tier cake so that she could take the top tier off and take it with her if she needed to celebrate in more than one place. I hope it made her big birthday extra special. Happy Birthday Jane! x

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than icing butterfly biscuits at Biscuiteers. My sister bought me a class at their icing school which is part of their shop in Notting Hill. The shop was lovely, packed wall to wall full of biscuits and inspiration. I had a good look at all the biscuits before the class to see what I was aiming for. The class itself was so much fun. The school part is tucked downstairs in an adorable kitchen area and in a cosy booth my sister, my friend Fiona, another lovely lady and I we were shown step by step the icing process by our brilliant teacher Charlie. We were given plenty of biscuits to practice and learn new skills. I learnt a lot including how to get air bubbles out of piping bags (finally!), how they dry the icing quickly and how they layer the different types of icing. My favourite new trick is blending the colours by dragging them across one another with a oversized cocktail stick. I’m so pleased with how they turned out. The colours we used were gorgeous and we topped them off with gold paint which made the wings come to life. I could have spent all day playing with different designs and combinations but we only had a couple of hours. We did however leave with a generous gift bag complete with book and apron (score!), a tin full of pretty biscuits and huge smiles.

I’ve never made anything wedding related before. I haven’t had a reason to. But, this week my friend Alexia from Bluebell and George asked me to help with wedding themed biscuits. Not only is she doing the flowers for the wedding but, as a bridesmaid she has been organising the hen do (exciting!), which is this weekend. Part of the celebrations include a tea party which is such a great idea. She sent me a couple of images of designs for the type of biscuits she wanted and I went from there. I really loved making these and I thought the idea was completely adorable. I used this book for the recipe. My favourite part was adding little details such as the Groom’s flower and glitter to the Bride’s dress. I hope the Bride likes them and has a fun weekend!