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When I was asked to make some cupcakes for our friend Tom’s birthday, I knew I wanted to incorporate aeroplanes in some way. He is a Cabin Service Director for BA, so I knew that tiny aeroplane biscuits as toppers on cupcakes would be perfect. Not owning the exact tiny cutter wasn’t going to be a problem, as I’ve learnt that you can make a biscuit in any shape and size you want just by making a template and cutting around it yourself. I simply traced and adjusted an image I found online. Obviously this process takes a little longer but it definitely gives you a little more freedom, not that I don’t own and adore many cookie cutters. Using this¬†trusty recipe I made little vanilla biscuits which I outlined and flooded with white royal icing, which then sat on top of vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry jam. I, of course, tinted the frosting blue so the planes looked a little more in flight. Happy Birthday Tom! x

Seeing Dad’s face when he saw his birthday cake was probably the best part of my weekend. Dad loves old fashioned trains. Mum even took him on a trip on the Orient Express once ( how sweet is that!). Mum and I have been planning this cake for a while. She bought this mini train set a while back thinking it would be the perfect size to go on a cake. Despite it coming with a more complex track, we decided to keep it simple and have it just run in a loop around the cake. The track was secured to the board using double sided tape to make sure it ran smoothly. I made a 7″ cake so that it would fit inside of the track. It was a vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream which I then covered in blue fondant. I kept the decoration simple so that the moving train would be the focus and to keep it feeling more grown up. I made the clouds out of flower paste so that they would stand up and attached the large cloud to clear cake pop sticks to look like it was floating. I hope Dad’s cake was one of the best parts of his weekend too. Happy Birthday Dad! x

I might as well kick the year off with a super bright and happy cake like this one. I can remember watching Barney when I was younger. Well, I have vague memories of dinosaurs in a back yard and lots of singing. I didn’t even realise it was still on. But, I got a request for a ‘Barney and Friends’ themed first birthday cake which I was really looking forward to doing. Mostly because I knew it was going to be super cute but also as it meant learning how to do some new things.¬†For example making figures is something I’ve never done before. I sculpted Barney and his two friends using fondant, a couple of cocktails sticks,and lots of edible glue. To make the curly streamers I cut strips of different coloured flower pastes and wrapped them around a plastic dowel and left them to dry. I hope little James had a brilliant first birthday!

Did you watch The OC when it was on? It was pretty great back then. The best thing to come from The O.C was the invention of Chrismukkah. The merging of Christmas and Hanukkah. So this year we decided to have a little Chrismukkah with our cute Canadian friends Emily and Teddy. They were to provide the Hanukkah bit and my sister and I the Christmas. It was such a great weekend full of relaxing and preparing different foods. To make sure we had a good balance of each holiday we sat by the Christmas tree, made latkes, opened stockings by the fire, lit the menorah, pulled crackers and spun dreidels. Of course we also snuck in some O.C episodes. Together we also made this gingerbread Hanukkah house. We each decorated a side and then joined forces for the roof. I think it’s adorable and love the blue and yellows. I’m sure Seth Cohen would be proud. It was really fun to celebrate a little differently and try new foods. Thanks for a fun weekend ladies and for the adorable decoration. Merry Chrismukkah! x

When our lovely friend Jane asked me to make a cake for her 30th birthday I was so excited. She is the sweetest person who is so much fun to be around. She is also an incredible violinist so of course wanted to make this the main theme of the cake. I made violin biscuits using this cutter and the Biscuiteers recipe. I decorated them in both the standard brown colour and blue, after seeing her pictured with an amazing bright blue violin. I attached them to the sides of the cake with buttercream and stuck the 30 to lollipop sticks so they would stand up on top of the cake. She has been travelling about a lot and wasn’t sure of where she would be to celebrate. With this in mind I made a two tier cake so that she could take the top tier off and take it with her if she needed to celebrate in more than one place. I hope it made her big birthday extra special. Happy Birthday Jane! x