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My sister has become pretty obsessed with my macarons. She even requested some for her company, Found‘s quarterly review. I still think it’s pretty amazing that my sister works for a company whose colour is purple. It’s her favourite. So deciding what colour the macarons had to be was easy, but I wasn’t sure what flavour to make them. Most purple macarons I’ve seen are lavender, not my favourite, so I went for blueberry because it creates the perfect purple and I knew my sister would like it. For the filling I used both blueberry jam and fresh blueberries. I hope everyone enjoys them!

Macaron Filling

(for approx 36 whole macarons)

500g icing sugar

160g unsalted butter (room temperature)

3 tbsp blueberry jam

splash of milk

a large handful of fresh blueberries

Beat together the icing sugar, butter and milk. Then add the jam and mix until smooth. Add in the fresh blueberries and mix until the berries are broken up in to large pieces.

The main reason my sister bought me the Bake it in a Cake book was for this pancake cupcake recipe. I started by making mini pancakes, some with blueberries and some with chocolate chips. I then placed them on top of vanilla cupcake batter and baked them so they were set on top of the cupcake. They were delicious with maple syrup and crispy bacon and I will definitely be eating these as well as large quantity of my Mum’s pancakes. Happy Pancake Day!

I’ve been looking forward to the Jubilee weekend for a while now, and it was just as good as I expected it to be. Our house was filled with family and overflowing with food. Alongside other contributions such as the amazing quiches made by my Grandmother, I made a ‘Jubilee Blueberry’ cake and cupcakes. As always my mum made the day extra special by adding touches such as the incredible crown stand, red white and blue flowers, balloons and personalised party bags.

Ever since I made this blueberry cake in the summer my Dad has been relentlessly requesting more . So when deciding what cake to make for his birthday there was really only one option. I used exactly the same Hummingbird recipe but put it into birthday cake form.  It now has a better balance of cake and cream cheese frosting due to the layers and I predict will be demolished even quicker than the last one. Happy Birthday Dad!

 If you had asked me to eat a blueberry a year ago I probably would have refused, but now I’m obsessed. I’ve even recently bought a blueberry plant! So when wanting to make something new I chose his cake recipe from the Hummingbird book, which can be found here. The cake wasn’t too sweet and was balanced out nicely with the sugary cream cheese frosting.