Monument Valley Birthday Cake


It’s amazing sometimes how fast time goes by. It was five years ago now that we went on the most amazing road trip across America. It was the most incredible adventure and the memories and photos we collected along the way are the best we ever have. While we took a staggering 15,000 photos over the month or so we were there, this one has to be my sister’s favourite. That’s why for her birthday this year to celebrate (a little nod to the 5 year anniversary of the trip) I made her a cake with it on it. The photo was taken in

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Rose and Hydrangea Cake


This summer I had to tackle sugar flowers in a major way. I’ve learnt to make a few here and there, mostly simple ones for cupcakes or to be stuck flat on to cakes. I set about teaching myself (basically reading this book over and over, learning step by step) some more complex flowers, including how to wire them properly, attach them to tiered cakes and create more interesting arrangements.

The thing about sugar flowers is while they always turn out super pretty and are in the end very rewarding, they often take many steps and days to produce because of the drying time in between each stage. They also end up mega fragile (I broke a fair amount of rose petals along the way) therefore I

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Mr and Mrs Bloom


I feel very lucky to have been able to make all my friends that got married this year a cake for their weddings. Like this little cake I made for my friends Charlie and Eddie. Since they were getting married in France (you can see snippets of their incredible wedding over on my instagram!) they were to have a small registry office wedding the week before. They asked me to make something to have after at their post-registry lunch celebrations. I wanted it to feel like a proper little wedding cake so went for an extra tall two tier cake. To give it a bit more wedding cake presence I displayed it on a tall pink cake stand and finished it with a topper that observed their new title ‘Mr and Mrs Bloom’. Let me tell you about the insides before I tell you about the exterior decorations. So I had

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Mr and Mrs Booker


On Saturday my best friends Steve and Alexia got married. I can’t begin to describe how incredible the day was. It was full of so much love, laughter and beautiful moments that I know they, and everyone else will remember forever. It was such an honour to be a part of their big day, not only getting to be a Bridesmaid but to make the wedding cake for your favourite people was beyond special.

Planning and designing the cake with them was so much fun – there was a lot of Pinterest boards, cake tasting and discussions on sizes. For the cake I stuck with

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