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This cake was duh-licious. Before I start going on about mini doughnuts let me tell you about the cake. I used Hummingbird Bakery’s Chicago Fudge Cake recipe found in this book. It’s so easy to make and don’t worry if they look super flat, that’s kind of their thing and they taste amazing. I filled it with peanut butter frosting and a layer of salted caramel. Oh yes. This cake was for my cousin’s 21st birthday (woop!) and I thought I would continue with last year’s theme of a stack of something on top of the cake. Last year it was cookies and so this year I thought it would be cute to top it with a pyramid of mini doughnuts. I made a vanilla doughnut batter and baked them in this mini tin. When they had cooled I dipped them in the extra chocolate ganache that I used to cover the outside of the cake. To finish I hung this adorable cake bunting I found in Paperchase. Happy Birthday Fabian! x

Brownies are one of my favourite things to eat. Probably because they are mostly chocolate. I also love them because you can put so many twists on them. These brownies are from the Lallapolosa Baking Company. They are delicious, rich and gooey and, as well as the amazing plain brownie they also have raspberry, peanut butter and triple chocolate. My personal favourite however was the salted caramel pecan brownie which is one of my favourite combinations and was the perfect balance between sweet and salty. I’m totally hooked on them and think I could probably eat a whole tray of them on my own. They sell these incredible brownies and other sweet treats at Farmers Markets in Surrey and you can also order them online.

In our house there are no wasted bananas. The ones that are slightly too ripe to eat are perfect for making cakes. Using my mum’s banana cake recipe I made these cupcakes and then topped them with caramel frosting. I did this by adding a couple of spoons of this amazing caramel sauce into my normal frosting recipe. Finally, no banoffee combination is complete without a couple of chocolate curls.

 After picking so many apples off our tree in the garden I wanted to find something special to use them for. I’d been searching around for about a week and finally found the perfect recipe in this months Delicious Magazine. They are small apple tarts made with puff pastry and topped with a caramel syrup. For something so simple to make they turned out so pretty.