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Oh boy did I learn a lot while making this cake. The thing is, I never really make square or box cakes let alone panel them, so it was a lot of figuring it out as I went along. And measuring, oh the measuring. I am however, pretty darn pleased with how it turned out and I love that I can now do something new. This cake was for my friend Eddie’s birthday. As you may have guessed he’s majorly into watches so we decided to make a watch box and showcase a few of his favourites. I was so preoccupied with making the cake I forgot to take many pictures. I can only apologise and describe to you how I made it. Firstly I baked and cut three chocolate sponges into the oblong shape. I then ganached the outside, making the edges as sharp as I could. I then covered the whole cake in cream fondant to get the inside of the box colour. To make the outside of the box I rolled out black fondant with a bit of that special powder that makes fondant harden slightly and cut out the rectangle panels. For this I used a template that I drew and I let them dry out a bit before attaching them to the sides of the cake with royal icing. I repeated this process to make the lid border for the top of the box. For the watches themselves I printed the faces in advance so I could get the level of detail on the watches I wanted and then hand cut and modelled each watch to make them look as realistic as I could. This involved quite a few tools and a lot of silver and gold dust. I really like how the cake came together and that it’s super cool and manly. Happy Birthday Eddie! x

I haven’t made bows in a while. It took me a few goes to remember how to make them but once I made a couple it came back to me, and they turned out really sweet. I wanted to make something girly for Laura to celebrate her 20th birthday and knew that bows would be the right design for her. I love that it kind of looks like it belongs in Beauty and the Beast. Must be the colour and bow combo. At the moment I’m really in to making everything a bit shiny and have been opting for lots of silver and golds in my cakes and this one is no exception. I accented the cake with shimmery gold dusted bows and finished it with matching gold ribbon. Happy Birthday Laura! x

I bought this ridiculously cool mould a while back in anticipation of the return of our weekly Mad Men nights. When the series was last on we gathered together to watch episodes, make great dinners and have some fun desserts. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but it’s office based and they are on the phone like ALL the time. Whether they are talking business or secretly speaking to mistresses or answering to their wives I find a lot of the plots develop over telephone conversations, making this a totally appropriate addition to our evening. I wanted to make it playful and make a chocolate shell that revealed a colourful centre when you broke in to it. I used up the masses of Easter egg chocolate I have left and melted them down. Using a spoon I lined the mould, first with white chocolate for the dial and then milk for the rest of the phone, allowing it to set in the fridge after every stage. Once it had set I filled it with this raspberry mousse recipe which tasted amazing as the raspberries at the moment are so unbelievably sweet. The recipe is pretty simple and the mousse sets firm so it doesn’t ooze out when you cut in to it. I then sealed off the mousse with another layer of chocolate to create the base of the phone. After leaving it in the fridge overnight, with the help of a little poking, I turned the whole thing out onto a plate, along with the receiver which I had filled with solid chocolate. To finish I made a curly phone cord out of some flowerpaste and attached it using a bit of glue. The whole thing looked pretty awesome and tasted so good it didn’t even last half an episode.

I seriously almost ate this cake at least three times while making it. Once, when the chocolate cakes were just out the oven, they were warm and the whole kitchen smelt like hot chocolate. Then again when I was smoothing out the fluffy peanut butter frosting and spreading carmel on top. And finally when it was sitting on my lap in the car on our way to drop it off and I was mega hungry. Bad Nicole. Actually though this cake is for my friend Leo who is turning 21 today. I was asked to make a gooey chocolate peanut butter cake for him so I recreated this cake but covered it in a chocolate ganache buttercream. I loaded the top with chocolate chips, Reese’s peanut butter chips, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s pieces. I’m a little bit overexcited about how well this cake stand goes with the cake. It’s the perfect Reese’s colour (er and my favourite colour!!) and I’ve been dying to use it for so long. I can only imagine how messy this cake was to cut and eat, but messy is good for boys I think. Happy Birthday Leo! x

This cake was duh-licious. Before I start going on about mini doughnuts let me tell you about the cake. I used Hummingbird Bakery’s Chicago Fudge Cake recipe found in this book. It’s so easy to make and don’t worry if they look super flat, that’s kind of their thing and they taste amazing. I filled it with peanut butter frosting and a layer of salted caramel. Oh yes. This cake was for my cousin’s 21st birthday (woop!) and I thought I would continue with last year’s theme of a stack of something on top of the cake. Last year it was cookies and so this year I thought it would be cute to top it with a pyramid of mini doughnuts. I made a vanilla doughnut batter and baked them in this mini tin. When they had cooled I dipped them in the extra chocolate ganache that I used to cover the outside of the cake. To finish I hung this adorable cake bunting I found in Paperchase. Happy Birthday Fabian! x