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I’m trying to find all the words to tell you how much I loved Coachella. Those of you that follow my Instagram will have been bombarded with photos (as soon as I found decent WiFi) of gorgeous sunsets, fun parties and THAT wheel. OH that wheel! It’s so hard not to photograph it every few minutes, it seems to look a little different every time you do. We had such a great trip traveling around – from visiting Disney, going to Coachella and hanging out in both San Diego and LA. The festival itself was amazing, well run, clean, no wellies in sight and it made such a difference staying in a hotel instead of a stuffy tent. It was all exactly how I expected it to be and better, all rainbows, great music and far too many crop tops. It was great fun to dance in the dessert with my friends, especially to a great musical line up including Outkast, Bombay Bicycle Club and Disclosure. The thing that struck me the most about Coachella was how pretty it was. All the art installations and changing lights had me looking up and around in awe. My favourite things, however, were the palm trees. As soon as it was dark the palms lit up in rainbow colours and changed with the music. It made the whole place look extra magical and I wanted to make a few favours upon my return that would remind me of my stunning weekend at Coachella. I picked up a palm tree cookie cutter while I was out there and used my favourite biscuit recipe to create these. I then used royal icing to decorate them in rainbow colours in neon shades to give them that unmistakable Coachella look. 

This Valentine’s Day I’ve fallen in love with ribbon. Yep ribbon. This cool metallicy grey fuzzy one that I knew would be perfect for tying up treat bags of Valentine biscuits. I always tend to make some sort of biscuit around Valentine’s Day. You can see previous years’ designs here and here. It’s the endless possibilities for decoration, and this year I wanted to go for something a little different. Offering a little more than romance, the love heart peace sign is one of my favourite symbols and the perfect token to give to all my friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I used some vintage cutters that my Granny gave me a while ago that she used to use when baking for my Dad, the smaller heart was the perfect shape for the peace sign logo. For the biscuits I used The Biscuiteers plain biscuit recipe and used royal icing to decorate. Ok, there had to be some pink in there somewhere, it is for Valentine’s after all, but it’s dusky and I love how it goes with the grey and white. I finished them off using dots, sprinkles and sugar flowers. Then packaged them in cellophane bags with my beloved ribbon.

Most of you probably think I’m a little nuts for hanging out by an oven today. Yep it’s hot and yes this fact has probably been mentioned in every conversation I’ve had for the past two weeks since it’s been hot. But actually I don’t want to talk about how my skin feels like it’s on fire all day, or how I looked like I’d been for a swim after my Pilates class this week, I want to talk about cookies. These cookies actually. Some might think that chocolate dipped strawberries are a Valentine’s related thing or a let me welcome you to my hotel thing, but in my house chocolate dipped strawberries are a regular feature. My mum makes the best ones using Green & Black’s white chocolate and I can easily consume platefulls at a time. I even used to take trays of them back for my housemates at uni after the weekends. I think everyone likes them because they feel ok about eating them. Sure, it involves chocolate but the fruit is the main part…right? I’m definitely going to apply that thought process to these cookies. To make the cookie version of dipped strawberries I chose this recipe as it used large pieces of fresh strawberries so would be full of flavour. The cookies turned out nice and soft with a slight crunch on the outside. When they had cooled I coated half with the same Green & Black’s white chocolate my mum uses and put them in the fridge to set. These are super easy to make and are a good summer tea time snack especially when they are a little chilled.

 I saw this stacked cookie cake a while ago and knew this was the cake for my cookie loving Cousin. He has been known to eat cookies as fast as I can make them and ate about 30 in his last sitting. As I didn’t think it was a birthday cake without the cake I added a single tier to act as a sort of pedestal for the stack of cookies. Naturally I made this in a chocolate chip sponge. I used mini chocolate chips in the whole thing which allowed the cookies to be nice and thin and used this recipe. I used vanilla frosting to cover the cake and in-between the cookie layers. To get the cookies roughly the same size I put the cookie dough in the fridge to chill a bit and then used an ice cream scoop. I then flattened them between baking paper.I really like the minimal look of this cake and I just used one white candle on top. The best thing about this cake is the slice that you get. It’s epic. So huge it only just about fit on our plates and I definitely shared mine. To get the cookies to cut like a cake I put the whole cake in the fridge for a few hours. This makes the cookies softer and lets you cut into it. I loved making this cake and I think there are enough cookies here to keep my cousin quiet for a bit. Happy Birthday Fabian!

Music is undoubtedly for me one of the best things in life. It has an ability to express how you’re feeling like nothing else. So for Valentine’s Day I think song lyrics are perfect. Especially ones you can eat. I put a range of different ones on biscuits, some are new, some are old and some are just silly. There are so many great songs to choose from and next time I’m going to make bigger biscuits as some of my fave lyrics wouldn’t all fit on. I do like how personal these can be, and there are definitely a few reserved for some special people. Happy Valentine’s Day! x