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I wanted to share a few speedy snaps I took of these cupcakes because I think they will make you happy. They totally sum up how I’m feeling about these welcome bursts of spring weather and hopefully they brought some sunshine to two ladies celebrating their birthdays this week. Flowers are always cute for girly birthday cupcakes and I made these ones by using two different size flower cutters and layering them on top of each other with a sugar pearl in the centre. I made yellow ones for the lemon cupcakes and pink for the vanilla. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Sharon and Traci! x

Do you have a favourite animal? I don’t think I ever have. I chose my favourite colour (orange) from a young age, but never committed to an animal. I’ve always loved dogs, found monkeys really funny and I fell in love with koalas in January, but have no permanent fave. My cousin Luisa however, has always loved pigs. Last time she visited I made her Percy Pig cakes, obviously her favourite UK sweets. I bought this cake mould ages ago and have been waiting until she came over from America again to use it. It has the cutest face and is the size of a small plate, perfect for tea time. She adores coconut so I made it a coconut cake but added some pink food colouring. I decided to make some Nutella frosting to serve with it, not only as coconut and chocolate is such a great combination but also as piggys like to hang around in mud.

Wednesdays are becoming my favourite day of the week. As I mentioned before we have been invading our friends house to watch Mad Men every Wednesday evening since the season began. There’s something nice about a mid week gathering that allows you to pause and relax with friends. Last week I made no contribution to the evening and merely consumed everything I was offered. So this week I thought I would make something special. I didn’t have any thoughts on what this would be until I was in the supermarket and picked up the June issue of Olive Magazine. A recipe for strawberry and pistachio cake caught my eye immediately, mostly due to the gorgeous colour combination. The cake was super simple to make with few steps and clear instructions. The only change I made was to make it in a round tin. I also went a bit overboard arranging strawberries on top. It was somewhat therapeutic. I hardly use pistachio when baking but loved the texture it added to the cake and it was great with the fresh strawberries and frosting.

There are people in my life that I just know I’m going to be friends with forever. I know this because I can be far away from them and only exchange a few funny texts from time to time, but when we do get together it’s like they were never more than a few streets away. The distance doesn’t really matter. They are equally as important to me as the friends that I love and see most days, but it’s special when they come home to visit and I get to see their faces. Andrew is one of these people. I’ve known him for most of my short life and it was really annoying that he decided to move to Dubai to work. Stupid. He came back to visit this week and requested some baked goods and blog love so I made him these. Vanilla cupcakes with maple syrup frosting topped with crispy streaky bacon. I wanted to make these for a couple of reasons. They reminded me of the road trip we took across America a couple of years ago and being at an IHOP. Also because we laughed at him a lot for going via Canada to meet us in LA for the roadtrip. Stupid. So the maple bacon combo was perfect for reminding him of this. These cupcakes have the same feeling as pancakes, fluffy and kind of comforting. One of the best things about making these was the smell of bacon that lingered in the kitchen all morning, my favourite. If I made them again I would add some blueberries to the vanilla cake to make it extra pancake like. I hope he liked them and comes back again soon!

Little Bird are a company who share an office with Found, where my sister works. One of their little birds, Rhianon, is flying the nest this week and so these cupcakes are a farewell to her. When I agreed to make these cupcakes I was unsure of what I was going to do. I pretty much instantly fell in love with the logo and colour combo of the company. It’s just so darn cute. So that was my starting point. But, it wasn’t until I sat down with a pile of fondant icing, some cutters and their website up in front of me that it all came together. The turquoise and brown together is quite striking but to me is softened by the scalloped topper, simple bird and flower. I opted for chocolate cake to keep with the colours and turquoise vanilla frosting. I hope she has a brilliant last day and enjoys her cupcakes!