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About a week ago we organised an early birthday brunch for our friend Jane. It was a perfect leisurely celebration where we had mimosas, fruit salad, a boat load of bagels (I’ve just discovered blueberry bagels!!!), and this coffee cake  along with plenty of tea. Jane is a big coffee fan so the flavour was an obvious choice and for the design I decided to decorate it by making a cookie version of her dog Cooper. Cooper is one super cool dog. He is ridiculously cute plus I’m pretty sure he has more clothes than I do. I made cookie Cooper by drawing a template based on one of Jane’s photos of him and cutting it out of vanilla biscuit dough. I then used royal icing to create his furry look using a nozzle similar to this. I placed cookie Cooper on top of the simple buttercream cake and filled the edges of the stand with these chocolate coffee beans. It was so great that we got to see Jane and celebrate her birthday while she is in town. Happy Birthday Jane! x

Oh yessss it’s that time of year again! I’ve swiftly moved on from pretending to care about the football to wholeheartedly getting excited about Wimbledon. It starts today and I’m so looking forward to enjoying the tennis, drinking Pimms and eating strawberries and cream. Last year to celebrate I made these, but this year I wanted to go for something a little bigger. I picked up a couple of these tins and was inspired to make some slightly larger than life tennis ball cakes filled with fresh strawberry buttercream. I used a basic vanilla cake recipe to make 8 cake halves for 4 tennis balls. Once baked, I left them to chill in the fridge overnight so they would be easier to cut. To make the halves fit together better I trimmed the flat tops and edges so they would be spherical. I made sure to cut a tiny bit off the top of one of the halves so they would each stand up without rolling over. Then using a spoon I scooped out a bit of the inside to make room for the filling. For the frosting filling I beat some fresh strawberries into some vanilla buttercream and then folded in some larger pieces. I heaped the filling so when I put the other half on top the whole centre would be full of frosting. I covered the whole ball in a thin layer of vanilla buttercream so that the fondant could be stuck to it. After chilling it in the fridge for 20 minutes I covered the ball in yellow fondant and smoothed it using these which I’ve just discovered! They have totally changed my life. To decorate I made the stripes using white flower paste and placed it on a 5 inch cake board covered in royal icing ‘grass’. To finish I used a purple ribbon so it would look like the signature green and purple of Wimbledon. While it doesn’t compare to last year’s Wimbledon final, cutting into it and seeing the strawberry pink centre was still pretty damn exciting.

If this cake had cheeks I would squish them. It’s so darn cute. This adorable birthday cake is for the awesome Ginetta, Alexia’s mummy. It was great to join forces with Alexia again as making last year’s cake together was so much fun. This year we went for something a little more unrefined. For the base we chose a simple lemon buttercream cake then added some fun accessories. We have been loving seeing these little guys featuring on blogs we both read so knew we wanted to recreate one using a pony toy that looked like one of Ginetta’s horses. This is one pony that is ready to party. I made it a tiny party hat using a cupcake case and this tutorial. Then we surrounded him with a variety of candles in different heights, styles and colours. I loved that it looked a little bit retro and hugely fun. Alexia added some fresh flowers to the stand and took some great photos for me to share! Happy Birthday Ginetta! x

I’ve been desperate to put baby doughnuts on cupcakes since I made this cake. This week required me to make some cupcakes to celebrate a few birthdays so it was the perfect chance. This week also happened to be National Doughnut Week  so I also got to contribute to The Children’s Trust. Half the cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry jam, topped with raspberry frosting and a tiny pink doughnut. The other half were chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting, topped with a chocolate doughnut and rainbow sprinkles. I used this recipe, minus the cinnamon and nutmeg, for the doughnuts in this tin. They turned out super cute and definitely look perfect for birthday fun. 

I wanted to share a few speedy snaps I took of these cupcakes because I think they will make you happy. They totally sum up how I’m feeling about these welcome bursts of spring weather and hopefully they brought some sunshine to two ladies celebrating their birthdays this week. Flowers are always cute for girly birthday cupcakes and I made these ones by using two different size flower cutters and layering them on top of each other with a sugar pearl in the centre. I made yellow ones for the lemon cupcakes and pink for the vanilla. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Sharon and Traci! x