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It was only a few weeks back that I was asked to do this for the amazing florists Moonflower. They were also on my list of people to thank this Christmas so I decided to make an edible version of one of the decorations in their magical Christmas display. In my mind ushrooms aren’t really the mostly Christmassy thing I can think of, but in a sparkly setting I was totally sold on it. I made these out of gingerbread and instead of buying a mushroom cutter, made my own template and cut it out of the chilled dough. I made sure to make a small hole  with a nozzle so they could be hung. I decorated them like normal biscuits with royal icing and covered them in white glitter flakes and edible glitter to make them sparkle. Wishing all the Moonflower girls a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

We gave them America and in return they gave us burgers, ‘Friends’ and Channing Tatum. Totally fair and plenty of reasons to celebrate. The little part of me that is vaguely American loves 4th of July. Well, I love the idea of it. In my mind I’m having a BBQ by a pool in the sunshine, eating a hot dog and wearing some sort of stars and stripes outfit that borders on fancy dress. In reality, I’m in the UK, it’s a little grey out and I’m nowhere near a BBQ. It’s ok though, as I’m celebrating in my own way, with cupcakes. I obviously went for the red, white and blue and added a little sparkle. I made enough to share with our friends who are over from across the pond. I hope it makes them feel like they aren’t missing out on any festivities. Happy 4th of July! 

Yes I’m aware it’s no longer Australia Day, but I was jet lagged then and wasn’t up (off the couch) to making these. One thing I noticed while in Australia was that pavlova is on every menu. Even the McDonalds McFlurry flavour was passion fruit pavlova. To recreate this dessert in a cupcake I made this vanilla cupcake recipe, then topped it with passion fruit buttercream and a blob of homemade passion fruit jam. I then put one of these mini meringues on and sprinkled it with some edible glitter and added tiny australian flags which I picked up in a souvenir shop in Melbourne.

 Passion Fruit Buttercream – for 6 cupcakes

250g icing sugar

110g unsalted butter

sieved pulp of two passion fruit

Cream the butter for a few minutes then beat in the sieved passion fruit. Add the icing sugar and mix until completely combined and smooth.

Passion Fruit Jam

1/2 cup caster sugar

1/2 cup passion fruit pulp (2 passion fruit)

50ml water

Put the sugar, passion fruit and water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Then turn the heat up and leave on a rolling boil for 5 minutes. You can test its setting point like this. Pour in a jar and leave to cool. It only makes a small amount, to make more just scale up the recipe.

Our lovely friend Annette recently came over to teach some friends and I a food safety course. We all passed. Woop! I can’t really thank her enough for taking the time to come and teach us. In attempt to express how grateful we were I made her these cupcakes. I wanted to make them really pretty and to compliment the flowers I sent with them. Thank you again Annette! x