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Lovely Dominique asked me to make some cupcakes for her 30th birthday. She was having a garden party so I figured some girly flowers would go nicely. I chose to make some little cherry blossom flowers, by making super pale pink flowers and dusting them with a slightly darker shade and dotting the middle with an even darker pink. I matched the flowers with some of these sprinkles and pink cases. The cupcakes were vanilla with raspberry jam and chocolate with nutella AND they were gluten free. Yay! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dominique! xx

I’ve been desperate to put baby doughnuts on cupcakes since I made this cake. This week required me to make some cupcakes to celebrate a few birthdays so it was the perfect chance. This week also happened to be National Doughnut Week  so I also got to contribute to The Children’s Trust. Half the cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry jam, topped with raspberry frosting and a tiny pink doughnut. The other half were chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting, topped with a chocolate doughnut and rainbow sprinkles. I used this recipe, minus the cinnamon and nutmeg, for the doughnuts in this tin. They turned out super cute and definitely look perfect for birthday fun. 

I deal with the fact that I don’t have a dog of my own by spending time with the ones that belong to my friends. My friend Louisa has a dog called Lenny. I love him for a lot of reasons. One of them being because we have the same hair, but I also love how cheeky he is. I’ve been told he once stole a child’s birthday cake from a picnic. On a particularly adorable walk with Lenny I took a seriously cute picture of him looking up at me. I knew I wanted to use it for something for Louisa one day and when her birthday rolled around I knew exactly what. Ok sure, in the original photo of him he wasn’t wearing a party hat or have a party horn in his mouth, but that is the magic of Photoshop. His little face amused me so much on these cupcakes and Louisa loved them too. Happy belated birthday Louisa xx

Do you have a favourite animal? I don’t think I ever have. I chose my favourite colour (orange) from a young age, but never committed to an animal. I’ve always loved dogs, found monkeys really funny and I fell in love with koalas in January, but have no permanent fave. My cousin Luisa however, has always loved pigs. Last time she visited I made her Percy Pig cakes, obviously her favourite UK sweets. I bought this cake mould ages ago and have been waiting until she came over from America again to use it. It has the cutest face and is the size of a small plate, perfect for tea time. She adores coconut so I made it a coconut cake but added some pink food colouring. I decided to make some Nutella frosting to serve with it, not only as coconut and chocolate is such a great combination but also as piggys like to hang around in mud.

I’ve been getting my make up from the same place since I was allowed to wear it at 13. Cosmetics A La Carte, where not only do they have incredible make up, complete with a bespoke option, but they take the time to show and teach you how to apply it. I’ve always loved visiting their shop in Motcomb Street which is like a sweet shop filled with colours of shadows, lipsticks and glosses. It’s always so much fun to visit the lovely girls that work there.

This year they are celebrating their 40th anniversary and when we paid them a visit this weekend I took some cupcakes. I topped the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, half with the ‘A’ from their logo, which features on all of their packaging and on the other half, tiny lipsticks. These reminded me of one of my favourite lipsticks of theirs, a bright red belonging to my Mum in the original A La Carte turquoise tube. It really is the perfect red and I had been “borrowing” it for special occasions until it was hidden. I might now have a new favourite, ‘Cupcake’ which is the perfect shade for a cake lover such as myself. Happy 40th to Cosmetics A La Carte, I hope they enjoyed the cupcakes!