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This week my sister came home with the Bake it in a Cake book for me. It was such a lovely surprise and after one flick through the book, I knew I wanted to make this recipe for my Dad’s birthday cake. My Dad loves cherry pies (I made him one here) so I knew he would love to find one inside his cake. I scaled the recipe up to birthday size and used a cherry pie enough for two people so it would fit in the cake tin. If I had more time I would have made my own, but this one worked well and stayed intact inside the cake. I kind of expected the pie to sink but when he cut it it was perfectly suspended inside. I really didn’t know what to expect when making this cake and watched the oven the whole time it was in there, half waiting for it to explode. The only problems I had were that it slightly sank at the top and the cake was a tiny bit less baked around the pie. However, it tasted delicious and the frosting was amazing. It was vanilla, but flavoured using the pod instead of essence which gave it a lovely taste, almost like custard, and cute black freckles. Wanting to keep the outside simple and not give away the inside I chose to follow this tutorial and create scalloped sides which was simple to do and gave it a neat finish. Dad loved his birthday cake and I loved seeing his face when he saw the hidden pie. Happy Birthday to the best Dad x

I never thought I would like going to Australia as much as I did. Mostly because in my mind it was SO far. And it is. Like, really far. I also really didn’t know what else Australia had to offer. I’ve seen many pictures of the cute animals, heard about the amazing weather and seen hundreds of  Facebook friends’ travelling photos but I couldn’t imagine for myself what it would be like. Now I’m home I can say it really was worth the journey. Yes they have adorable animals and incredible weather (and yes, I was happy to be warm in January) but there was more. There were super friendly people, great art, beautiful scenery and most importantly delicious food.  Read the rest of this entry »

I seem to have started my own tradition of making mince pies on Christmas Eve, mostly because I always run out of time earlier in the week. This year I used Waitrose filling and Bill Granger’s pastry which you can see how to make here. Last year I just did stars but this time  I pretty much just used all the tiny cutters I could find to make different tops, but we all decided the tree was our new favourite. I prepared them all on Christmas Eve then put them in the oven yesterday afternoon so everyone could eat them hot.

I know what you’re thinking. Savory? But I couldn’t resist, after all it’s National Baking Week and this pie was delicious. Yesterday it got colder and so I felt like some comfort food was needed. I used the brilliant ’Long Nights and Log Fires’ cookbook to make this Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Pot Pie, recipe can be found here. The pastry was really simple and the flavours were great and perfect for a chilly evening.

Ok so they could be a bit neater, but they are pretty cute. Made in cupcake tins, the mini versions are good for dessert portions or maybe picnics.