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This week my friend Alexia took me to the flower market with the intention of picking up something to decorate a cake for my Grandmother’s 91st birthday. Last year I made sugar flowers so this year I thought I would opt for some fresh ones. We got up early, had a wander around and ate some killer bacon sandwiches. The market smelt uh-mazing and there was so much choice. However, as soon as I saw a bouquet of candy coloured roses I knew they were the ones. They featured enough pinks (her favourite colour) along with pretty purples, soft creams and pops of red, yellow and orange. For the cake itself I went for lemon filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd and covered it in pale pink fondant. Being a flower pro Alexia came over and helped me wire and wrap the roses so that they could be easily placed in the cake. They then chilled in the fridge until I needed to use them. Once the cake was iced I simply pushed the wire stems into the cake arranging them in a sort of circle, then the middle and finally filling in any gaps with the rose leaves. This was one amazing smelling cake and it tasted pretty great too. Happy Birthday Granny! x 

It’s always good to stop and appreciate the amazing people in your life. That’s why I love days like today. My Mother is one of the most amazing people I will ever know. She is always there to guide me, teach me new things and give an honest opinion about which sprinkles to use. Having said that, these macarons are not for her. Ha. They are for another wonderful mother. My friend Emily asked me to make some macarons to give to her mum and I wanted to make something super pretty. We decided on rose as the flavour so I piped on tiny roses to the shells using royal icing. I used this tip for the rose and this tip to pipe the leaves. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with the special ladies in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day! x

I think I’m going to be approaching that age now where my friends are going to start asking for wedding cakes. To prepare for this I decided to do a two day wedding cake course at the Peggy Porschen Academy to make something like this. I’ve done a course there before which was brilliant, but this course went in to more detail and covered stacking, doweling and all the steps to producing a professional wedding cake. I loved that this time around we were able to bake everything and make the buttercreams ourselves. It was really helpful to be taught at every stage of the process. I struggled a bit with all the new techniques and tools and keeping up with the pace of the class, but our teacher Marianne was amazing. She kept us on track, allowed for some one on one teaching and answered all our questions. It was hard fitting it all in to two days, so the design was simplified and we only made two tiers. This was ok as the practice is the same; as long as we had the basics down, we could just apply them to more tiers in the future. During the course I attempted lots of new things, such as covering a cake board, making rose buds and creating a stripey band around the cake (which seemed impossible to cut straight,ugh). I learnt so much in such a short time and it showed me that I need to be more precise by paying attention to the little details and calculating everything properly, especially when tackling wedding cakes. The biggest thing I took away from the course was having so much more confidence in my abilities and being more sure of my approach to cakes in general.

Yesterday I did a course at the Peggy Porschen Academy in London. I’m a big fan of Peggy Porschen for her amazing designs and how perfectly finished all of her cakes are. I chose to do the ‘Stripy Rose Cakes’ day course as it covered learning how to ice and cover individual cakes, make roses and some piping techniques. It was such a brilliant day and I really did learn so much. It was so nice to be surrounded by people that were equally enthusiastic about cake! The Academy was lovely with a great workspace and atmosphere. My teacher Elyse was great, she was very clear and made every step easy to follow. The part I found the hardest was making the roses, something that I have been wanting to be shown how to do for a while. It was great to learn properly and to be given lots of tips to help make them extra pretty. I think with some practice I will really get the hang of it. In the afternoon we were given a cup of tea and a piece of cake to taste. It was lemon and so delicious. I can’t recommend the Academy enough, I’m really pleased with how my cakes turned out and even happier I now have some new skills.

I wanted to make something really cute for our friend Katy’s birthday and have been wanting to learn how to make sugar flowers for ages. So I bought some flower paste and followed the instructions in this year’s Great British Bake Off Book. It took a bit of practice but now my efforts resemble roses. I let them dry out for a few days and then used them to decorate these vanilla cupcakes. The frosting is raspberry flavoured and I made it by adding a couple of spoons of seedless raspberry jam to this frosting recipe. I finished the cupcakes with some edible glitter to give them some birthday sparkle!