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I’ve never made anything wedding related before. I haven’t had a reason to. But, this week my friend Alexia from Bluebell and George asked me to help with wedding themed biscuits. Not only is she doing the flowers for the wedding but, as a bridesmaid she has been organising the hen do (exciting!), which is this weekend. Part of the celebrations include a tea party which is such a great idea. She sent me a couple of images of designs for the type of biscuits she wanted and I went from there. I really loved making these and I thought the idea was completely adorable. I used this book for the recipe. My favourite part was adding little details such as the Groom’s flower and glitter to the Bride’s dress. I hope the Bride likes them and has a fun weekend! 

Music is undoubtedly for me one of the best things in life. It has an ability to express how you’re feeling like nothing else. So for Valentine’s Day I think song lyrics are perfect. Especially ones you can eat. I put a range of different ones on biscuits, some are new, some are old and some are just silly. There are so many great songs to choose from and next time I’m going to make bigger biscuits as some of my fave lyrics wouldn’t all fit on. I do like how personal these can be, and there are definitely a few reserved for some special people. Happy Valentine’s Day! x

I’ve completely come around to the idea of Halloween. Mostly because it’s a holiday based on sweet treats and the colour orange. This weekend my lovely friend Fiona was visiting. As it is the weekend before Halloween some Halloween baking was the perfect Saturday afternoon activity. They accidentally ended up being lemon flavoured as I picked up the lemon essence instead of vanilla extract. Using these cookie cutters that my Dad recently brought from America, Fiona, Lauren and I lovingly cut out and iced these cute biscuits. It was so great to have some company while baking!

I couldn’t resist a bit of Valentine’s baking. For me Love Hearts are pretty iconic for this romantic day and so I chose to recreate them in cookie form. I made the royal icing in the typical pastel colours and wrote little messages on all of them. I stuck to mostly traditional nice messages apart from a couple which read ‘No Chance’ and ‘You’re OK’, just to mix it up a bit. I look forward to giving out the nice ones to the people I love today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

As if I hadn’t made enough biscuits already, I decided to make these snowflakes. They are pretty small and can definitely be eaten in two bites. The snowflakes are decorated with silver royal icing and covered in white sugar sprinkles.