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Today is all about love…and chocolate. The last of my treats for Valentine’s are these chocolate cupcakes. Half are topped with raspberry buttercream and the other half a salted caramel buttercream with some caramel in the middle. Wishing everyone a very sweet Valentine’s Day! xx

Nothing says love like bacon, right? Ok, maybe that’s just me. The whole maple bacon thing is something I really love, I even made the combination in cupcake form here. Incorporating this magical flavour duo on a small heart shaped doughnut is pretty dreamy to me. They are also ridiculously cute. This is mostly down to the tin which is this Wilton one. It came all the way from America, but I’m sure you can track them down online. I used this recipe but only put in a tiny amount of cinnamon and nutmeg so it wouldn’t overpower the other flavours. I also didn’t fill the tin as much as recommended as it is shallower than a normal doughnut tin. I’ve never had a baked doughnut before but they were really good and a lot easier than frying anything. Once they had cooled I dipped them in the glaze from this recipe and covered them in bacon sprinkles. I used streaky bacon as it gets nice and crispy. These doughnuts are perfect for a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the lover, or just bacon lover, in your life. Or maybe just for you.

This Valentine’s Day I’ve fallen in love with ribbon. Yep ribbon. This cool metallicy grey fuzzy one that I knew would be perfect for tying up treat bags of Valentine biscuits. I always tend to make some sort of biscuit around Valentine’s Day. You can see previous years’ designs here and here. It’s the endless possibilities for decoration, and this year I wanted to go for something a little different. Offering a little more than romance, the love heart peace sign is one of my favourite symbols and the perfect token to give to all my friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I used some vintage cutters that my Granny gave me a while ago that she used to use when baking for my Dad, the smaller heart was the perfect shape for the peace sign logo. For the biscuits I used The Biscuiteers plain biscuit recipe and used royal icing to decorate. Ok, there had to be some pink in there somewhere, it is for Valentine’s after all, but it’s dusky and I love how it goes with the grey and white. I finished them off using dots, sprinkles and sugar flowers. Then packaged them in cellophane bags with my beloved ribbon.

Music is undoubtedly for me one of the best things in life. It has an ability to express how you’re feeling like nothing else. So for Valentine’s Day I think song lyrics are perfect. Especially ones you can eat. I put a range of different ones on biscuits, some are new, some are old and some are just silly. There are so many great songs to choose from and next time I’m going to make bigger biscuits as some of my fave lyrics wouldn’t all fit on. I do like how personal these can be, and there are definitely a few reserved for some special people. Happy Valentine’s Day! x

I couldn’t resist a bit of Valentine’s baking. For me Love Hearts are pretty iconic for this romantic day and so I chose to recreate them in cookie form. I made the royal icing in the typical pastel colours and wrote little messages on all of them. I stuck to mostly traditional nice messages apart from a couple which read ‘No Chance’ and ‘You’re OK’, just to mix it up a bit. I look forward to giving out the nice ones to the people I love today. Happy Valentine’s Day!