Carole King Cake


It’s almost unbelievable how good things turn out sometimes. Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. Yesterday the new Carole King Musical ‘Beautiful’ had its first night of previews in London. My Dad is a HUGE Carole King fan. Ta da! The perfect birthday plans! (made even better by pre-theatre burgers at Shake Shack !!) I knew it would make his day to have the theme of the cake be the musical. I looked up some of the posters from the show from here and Broadway and designed it using the colours and patterns – you can see the examples below. So yeh. That’s a little young Carole King sitting on his cake. Of course. I covered the

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Frozen Cake


Last Saturday at around midday I found myself cider in-hand (yep I knew what time it was) at Sing-a-long Frozen. I, along with my sister, two friends and a cinema full of adult accompanied children belted out all the hits from the beloved film. It was seriously good fun, a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and it was the perfect way to get inspired for the Frozen themed cake I had to make this week. Well, that and the snow that fell midweek! This cake was for

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Valentine’s Biscuit Balloons


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m SO ready for a bit of seasonal baking, some mushy music and heart-shaped presents. Whether you’re thinking of expressing your feelings for your partner or telling your friend how awesome they are, here’s an idea to add a little bit of fun to your day of love. I teamed up with my friend Alexia to create some Valentine’s inspired gifts centred around balloons. We each gave them our own twist, Alexia by incorporating her floristry skills and me including some baked goods. I began by

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Snickers Cupcakes


I feel like my recent posts have been a sort of rebellion against January. It’s not on purpose. I swear I’m not angry at all of you eating salads and being your best selves. But this is what I felt like making. These were for the monthly office cupcakes I do and I figured that to break any diets they would have to 

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