Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes


A vegan friend coined the term ‘strawberry moments’ to describe those special everyday sweet moments that we share with the ones we love. These cupcakes were to celebrate those beautiful moments and probably for a bit of comfort eating.

I’ve been searching for a decent vegan cupcake recipe for a while now, thinking it would for sure come in handy at some point. I finally found one. I bought this book and it’s uh-mazing. It includes a pretty awesome vegan cupcake recipe, which you can see being made

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Eat it – Wear it // Dress In Donuts

dress_in_donuts_31 copy

Not only do I love making food but I unashamedly love wearing it on my clothes too. Those that know me (or have spotted on my instagram feed) know that I’m a sucker for any item of clothing printed with, or relating to anything edible. Think donut t-shirts, burger socks and cupcake bags. I’m constantly on the hunt for

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Chai Latte Cupcakes


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been rained on this past week. I’ve had multiple panics about taking out bags that will fit my umbrella and footwear that won’t get soaked through. Yes October. While I do actually adore this time of year I already find myself ready to curl up a little bit. I decided this week to make something that I really really wanted to actually eat alongside boat loads of tea. Enter chai latte cupcake. I’ve been wanting to make them for a while. Roughly 5 months actually, since my friend Alexia had

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80th Birthday Cake


This might sound silly. I don’t know if it’s just me but even though I’ve been making cakes for a little bit now, I’m still a little amazed when the finished cake looks like my drawings or the picture in my mind. Yes, I’m aware that’s the point but it still seems new and exciting. I do really love designing cakes, trying to figure out what the person would love, the themes and flavours and putting them all together to create a little bit of happiness. Though, for this cakey creation you see before you, I had a few moments of

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