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September 26th 2016, by Nicole1 Comment


My big sister is 30 today!!!! I don’t know where to start to tell you just how lucky I am to have Lauren as a sister. She’s the kindest, smartest, most caring person in my life and I don’t know how I would be me without her.

This weekend she celebrated her birthday with THE funnest 90s themed birthday party at All Star Lanes. It was full of amazing cocktails, food, bowling, props, lots of 90s dressing up and of course I made her a big cake. It’s hands down one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. It was so much fun to design, make all the bits and remind myself of all the great things from our childhood.

I started off by making three tiers of Oreo cake (her request) which I covered in purple fondant, her favourite colour. I decorated it with a mixture of

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The Painted Cake

August 19th 2016, by NicoleNo Comments


I went to see Natasha Collins talk and do a demo at a cake show a little while back. I’ve been meaning to buy her book and have a proper go a cake painting ever since. Last week I finally go around to buying her book The Painted Cake and it’s awesome. The timing was perfect as it was my Grandy’s birthday this week so I attempted one of the cakes from the book for her. I copied one of her designs completely – just to get an idea of how to layer the paints properly and figure out where the shadows go etc. I studied fine art painting at art college but never really worked in watercolours, which is similar to this style of painting. I chose to paint this

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Bow Drip Cake

August 16th 2016, by NicoleNo Comments


Copper and Rose Goldy colours are super trendy now. I keep finding myself drawn to any items in this metal and have seen lots of cake pics popping up using it too. I’ve been trying to figure out how incorporate it into a cake and my friend Jade’s birthday last week was the perfect opportunity. I found this rose gold edible dust and used it in three different ways on this cake. I mixed it with

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Football Cake

August 13th 2016, by NicoleNo Comments


I made this cake ages ago but I’m only posting it now because the timing is a lot less awkward. It was ready to post it just after we had crashed out of the World Cup and everyone was pretty disappointed and totally over the football – I figured all anyone would want to see the day after was me showing them a football cake. Now that the season starts again today I figured it was a much more appropriate to share now. I made this one for a Man United mad kid so obviously included a fan scarf with the printed logo. The cake itself was a victoria sponge covered in green fondant. The little football cake on top was made using this tin and filled with

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