Violin Biscuit Cake


I gave up violin long before piano. I found it tricky and not very rewarding. I guess I was young and it didn’t sound good right away. Don’t get me wrong, I looooved carrying around the case like a teeny 1920s gangster and using that little amber block of rosin (?!) on my bow, just not so much the playing. At school I was always mega impressed with the string section of the orchestra, which included my sister! (she played the violin a lot better and for a lot longer). It always sounded so amazing. Really good violin to me should look like it’s effortless, not all scrunched up faces and squeaky noises like my attempts.

I was asked to make a violin themed birthday cake this past week for a 17th birthday. The cake itself was four layers of chocolate sponge filled with milk chocolate buttercream. I made these vanilla violin biscuits to line the outside of the cake and royal iced them in three different

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Cookie Cake

I saw this stacked cookie cake a while ago and knew this was the cake for my cookie loving Cousin. He has been known to eat cookies as fast as I can make them and ate about 30 in his last sitting. As I didn’t think it was a birthday cake without the cake I

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

After a long and stressful week I felt like I deserved these. I’ve been wanting them for a few days now after watching a Friends episode that mentioned oatmeal cookies…I used this recipe but just used chocolate chips instead of nuts. They are

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