easter baking

Creme Egg Brownies

So for the past few weeks everywhere I look online I’ve seen posts and pictures of creme egg brownies. It’s Easter. They are having a moment. Today I decided I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I used this recipe which is the main one that has been circulating. Ok yes, that picture looks delicious, yes it’s a great idea and yes I totally want to hear more about that cake tin divider, but the recipe is what

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Hot Cross Buns

It hasn’t felt even remotely close to Easter yet. Probably due to how quickly it has come around but also this hideous weather. Wanting to bring a bit of sunshine and Easter spirit to our house I decided to make a classic. I’ve never made bread or anything close. I’m not sure I’d even tasted a hot cross bun before. I opted for

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Easter Treats

I love Easter for many reasons, but mostly it’s the number of sweet treats that come with this weekend. I made a selection of stuff to share with my friends and family including these bunny biscuits complete with tiny tails, cornflake nests and Creme Egg cupcakes. Consuming a hideous amount of chocolate, particularly Cadbury’s, at this time of year is inevitable. I used about two massive bars to make the cornflake nests. They reminded me of being at school, although I don’t actually remember making them at school…Despite replacing many meals lately with mini eggs I managed to find some spare to decorate these. For me Easter is pretty connected to the Creme Egg, so when I found instructions on how to make cupcakes with mini creme eggs baked inside, I couldn’t resist. I hope everyone that I share these with today will be very happy bunnies. Happy Easter!


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