easter cupcakes

Happy Easter

I’ve loved this week. It’s been full of Easter baking which I’ve enjoyed sharing with friends and family. Easter isn’t complete without mini eggs and they are even better on cupcakes. My sister helped me decorate them, her overwhelming need to

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Easter Treats

I love Easter for many reasons, but mostly it’s the number of sweet treats that come with this weekend. I made a selection of stuff to share with my friends and family including these bunny biscuits complete with tiny tails, cornflake nests and Creme Egg cupcakes. Consuming a hideous amount of chocolate, particularly Cadbury’s, at this time of year is inevitable. I used about two massive bars to make the cornflake nests. They reminded me of being at school, although I don’t actually remember making them at school…Despite replacing many meals lately with mini eggs I managed to find some spare to decorate these. For me Easter is pretty connected to the Creme Egg, so when I found instructions on how to make cupcakes with mini creme eggs baked inside, I couldn’t resist. I hope everyone that I share these with today will be very happy bunnies. Happy Easter!


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