flower cupcakes

Piped Flower Cupcakes for Annette


If you’ve read my FAQs you will have spotted that this time last year I was working in The Cake Parlour. It was an incredible experience where I learnt more than I could have imagined in three months. Zoe is an incredible teacher and I would not be able to make many of the cakes you see on the blog without the knowledge and skills I learnt while I was there. Now baking for myself, I constantly find myself going back for inspiration from

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Spring Flower Cupcakes

I wanted to share a few speedy snaps I took of these cupcakes because I think they will make you happy. They totally sum up how I’m feeling about these welcome bursts of spring weather and hopefully they brought some sunshine to two ladies celebrating their birthdays

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Thank You Annette

Our lovely friend Annette recently came over to teach some friends and I a food safety course. We all passed. Woop! I can’t really thank her enough for taking the time to come and teach us. In attempt to express how grateful we were I made her these cupcakes. I wanted to make

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