mad men party

Chocolate and Raspberry Telephone

I bought this ridiculously cool mould a while back in anticipation of the return of our weekly Mad Men nights. When the series was last on we gathered together to watch episodes, make great dinners and have some fun desserts. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but it’s office based and they are on the phone like ALL the time. Whether they are talking business or secretly speaking to mistresses or answering to their wives I find a lot of the plots develop over telephone conversations, making this a totally appropriate addition to our evening. I wanted to make it playful and make a chocolate shell that revealed a colourful centre when you broke in to it. I used up the masses of Easter egg chocolate I have left and melted them down. Using a spoon I lined the mould, first with white chocolate for the dial and then milk for the rest of the phone, allowing it to set in the fridge after every stage. Once it had set I filled it with

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Mini Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes

If you don’t watch Mad Men you definitely should. I can’t recommend it enough. I loved it from the first episode and quickly stormed through the box sets. It has everything I want in a tv show; great scripts, complex characters, intense relationships and an amazing wardrobe. Not to mention, a very attractive leading man. Previously I’ve watched it mostly on my own, glued to the laptop. So when I heard that Season 6 was

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