Peanut Butter

Snickers Cupcakes


I feel like my recent posts have been a sort of rebellion against January. It’s not on purpose. I swear I’m not angry at all of you eating salads and being your best selves. But this is what I felt like making. These were for the monthly office cupcakes I do and I figured that to break any diets they would have to 

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Fluffernutter Macarons

It’s always so great when my friend Jade comes to visit. We spend the whole time laughing at stupid things, reminiscing and eating far too much. This trip she visited with her lovely boyfriend Brad and we managed to lure them out of London this weekend for a family BBQ. On her last visit I made all of these but this time I went for something a little smaller scale but super tasty. We used to live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at school and when we discovered that putting Marshmallow Fluff with it was a thing we thought it was amazing. I don’t know if Jade and I were just easily amused back in school, but we found the name Fluffernutter ridiculously funny and there was an equally hilarious song that went with it. To make the macarons I

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Happy 21st Birthday Leo

I seriously almost ate this cake at least three times while making it. Once, when the chocolate cakes were just out the oven, they were warm and the whole kitchen smelt like hot chocolate. Then again when I was smoothing out the fluffy peanut butter frosting and spreading carmel on top. And finally when it was sitting on my lap in the car on our way to drop it off and I was mega hungry. Bad Nicole. Actually though this cake is for my friend Leo who is

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Happy 21st Birthday Fabian

This cake was duh-licious. Before I start going on about mini doughnuts let me tell you about the cake. I used Hummingbird Bakery’s Chicago Fudge Cake recipe found in this book. It’s so easy to make and don’t worry if they look super flat, that’s kind of their thing and they taste amazing. I filled it with peanut butter frosting and a layer of salted caramel. Oh yes. This cake was for my

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