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I’m back from my month of travels! I’m slowly getting back to normal life – unpacking, catching up with friends and going through my holiday snaps. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite spots that we stopped at on our adventure – starting with Sugarfina!

Alexia and I have been creeping on Sugarfina through Instagram for a while now and it was on the top of our list of places to go in LA. We swung by as we were leaving LA to drive to Joshua Tree for some quality road trip snacks. The shop was cool and white and the most organised sweet shop I’ve ever been in. Clear boxes filled with unusual and imported ‘candy’ lined all the walls, filled bowls and even formed some pretty impressive floral displays.

I think I was still wandering around taking photos and pondering my sweet choice long after everyone else had paid. I ended up going for the birthday cake caramels (obviously), little smoothie-flavoured foam bears and the prettiest rose-shaped gummies. Alongside the sweet shop staples like

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