world cup cupcakes

Rugby World Cupcakes


Think you’re excited about the Rugby World Cup? You should speak to my Dad. Our house has reached a fever pitch of World Cup excitement. It has been filled with wall charts, rugby ball and shirt balloons and pretty much every game has been screened one after another. We went to the opening ceremony and England v Fiji match last weekend and it was so much fun. With an England scarf wrapped round my neck and beer in hand I cheered along with everyone else and was totally caught up in the excitement. I love a World Cup, but this is better because it’s Rugby which is way better than Football – it’s way more aggressive, there’s always a bit of bloodshed and even sometimes shorts fall down whiiiiiiich is always funny (see South Africa v Japan). To celebrate I made these cupcakes ahead of

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World Cupcakes

Are we excited for the World Cup? These cupcakes are making me a little more interested I’ll have to admit. I think I’m just not getting my hopes up.  Apart from actually watching the football I’m more looking forward to pre-football BBQs, checking out Glen Johnson, and eating football themed treats, such as these, which I made to celebrate a few birthdays and the start of the World Cup yesterday. I chose

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