Oh. My. Gosh. I’m Excited. Tomorrow morning I’m heading to LA for a two week holiday. We are going to Coachella which I’ve been talking about/wanting to go to for aaages and this year we finally decided to go. We’ve planned lots of other fun things to do and explore too. So, while I won’t be posting about any Easter baking or filling your screens with cakey goods covered in mini eggs (you could however check out previous years posts or stare at these mini daffodil cupcakes I whipped up on Mother’s Day), I will be searching out some tasty treats across the pond and I can’t wait to tell you ALL about it. You can also keep up to date with our adventure on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

First off, let me tell you how much I loved making these little penguin guys for this cake. They are so sweet, if a little chubby. The lovely recipient of this cake is being taken to the Antarctic as their birthday present (how cool is that?!) so that was the theme! Since making this cake I’ve learnt that there are apparently no igloos in the Antarctic (doh!). Although, I’m almost certain Pingu lived in an igloo? I moulded the igloo using flower paste and made the penguins out of fondant. For the pole I used a red paper straw that was surprisingly sturdy so held in the cake well. The cake itself was a vanilla sponge with coconut buttercream and raspberry jam – A flavour combination I’m loving at the moment! I hope Richard had a special birthday and has the most incredible adventure to the Antarctic! x

It’s always good to stop and appreciate the amazing people in your life. That’s why I love days like today. My Mother is one of the most amazing people I will ever know. She is always there to guide me, teach me new things and give an honest opinion about which sprinkles to use. Having said that, these macarons are not for her. Ha. They are for another wonderful mother. My friend Emily asked me to make some macarons to give to her mum and I wanted to make something super pretty. We decided on rose as the flavour so I piped on tiny roses to the shells using royal icing. I used this tip for the rose and this tip to pipe the leaves. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with the special ladies in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day! x

When I was asked to make a Persian New Year cake I wasn’t really sure what to do as I had never seen or heard of one before. There isn’t a traditional dessert as such so my task was to create a cake to celebrate by combining traditional Middle Eastern flavours. I chose to make a pistachio cake layered with honey buttercream and raspberry and pomegranate jam. I tripled the recipe I used for this cake as I knew it would be delicious and be able to hold the treats on top. I coated the whole cake in the honey buttercream and covered the sides with crushed pistachios. For the top of the cake I created a mountain of homemade baklava¬†which my Grandmother helped me with. I then sprinkled on some pomegranate and pistachios to finish. I love all the colours and textures of this cake and it definitely brings together some of my favourite elements of Middle Eastern sweets. I had some extra batter and buttercream so I made a few cupcakes to go along with the cake. I adore the mini versions with the individual baklava. I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating Persian New Year!¬†

I’m not Irish. I am however a fan of the colour green and an even bigger fan of alcoholic cupcakes. I spotted these beer flavoured gummy sweets about a month ago and have been saving them to top these cupcakes. I found them locally but you can buy them here. The cake itself is a chocolate Guinness and I used this recipe, minus half the amount of salt. The buttercream is chocolate Bailey’s flavour, yep it’s as good as it sounds. They brought out the chocolate version a few months ago and it’s delicious. The whole thing together makes for a pretty boozy cupcake but I would totally serve them with a shot of Guinness to really celebrate! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!¬†