Yesterday was my Grandmother’s (Grandy’s) Birthday. She loves whites, yellows and greens and whenever we buy her bunches of flowers it’s always in these colour tones. I wanted to replicate the birthday bouquet we were going to give her as the theme for her birthday cake. To do this I made just over a dozen hand moulded roses (like this but Peggy Porschen’s book has a great tutorial too) to arrange in clusters on top of the cake with some sugar leaves. I made some solid white and yellow then a few with lighter yellow centres and white outside petals, then dusted them with ‘Primrose’ edible dust. The cake turned out super cute and fresh looking and I think she loved it. Happy Birthday Grandy! x

Oh boy did I learn a lot while making this cake. The thing is, I never really make square or box cakes let alone panel them, so it was a lot of figuring it out as I went along. And measuring, oh the measuring. I am however, pretty darn pleased with how it turned out and I love that I can now do something new. This cake was for my friend Eddie’s birthday. As you may have guessed he’s majorly into watches so we decided to make a watch box and showcase a few of his favourites. I was so preoccupied with making the cake I forgot to take many pictures. I can only apologise and describe to you how I made it. Firstly I baked and cut three chocolate sponges into the oblong shape. I then ganached the outside, making the edges as sharp as I could. I then covered the whole cake in cream fondant to get the inside of the box colour. To make the outside of the box I rolled out black fondant with a bit of that special powder that makes fondant harden slightly and cut out the rectangle panels. For this I used a template that I drew and I let them dry out a bit before attaching them to the sides of the cake with royal icing. I repeated this process to make the lid border for the top of the box. For the watches themselves I printed the faces in advance so I could get the level of detail on the watches I wanted and then hand cut and modelled each watch to make them look as realistic as I could. This involved quite a few tools and a lot of silver and gold dust. I really like how the cake came together and that it’s super cool and manly. Happy Birthday Eddie! x

The Great British Bake Off is back! Woo! Did you watch it? Apart from finding myself starving for cake half way through I also find myself super inspired to give what they are making a go. So this series I’m going to attempt to make something from the show each week (well as best as I can), but give it a bit of my own twist. I’ve never made a swiss roll before but they looked so much fun and I totally loved the idea of decorating the outside of them with a pattern. So this Sunday Lauren, Alexia and I set about making a few rather unusual swiss rolls. I chose to decorate mine with one of my favourite things, burgers. Lauren chose bicycles, as it was the cycling event this weekend and Alexia chose palm trees and flamingos. To create the pattern effect we used these instructions to make up the piping mixture. We doubled the recipe so we would have enough for all three swiss rolls. For the swiss roll batter itself we used Mary Berry’s recipe from this book. The scariest bit was rolling it up as I didn’t want the whole thing to break. I filled mine with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam and as you can see I was rather generous, resulting in an overstuffed not so tight roll. It tasted amazing and the outside turned out really cute. I love the pattern idea and can’t wait to try out different ones. 

I haven’t made bows in a while. It took me a few goes to remember how to make them but once I made a couple it came back to me, and they turned out really sweet. I wanted to make something girly for Laura to celebrate her 20th birthday and knew that bows would be the right design for her. I love that it kind of looks like it belongs in Beauty and the Beast. Must be the colour and bow combo. At the moment I’m really in to making everything a bit shiny and have been opting for lots of silver and golds in my cakes and this one is no exception. I accented the cake with shimmery gold dusted bows and finished it with matching gold ribbon. Happy Birthday Laura! x

For my birthday present Steve and Alexia planned to take me for Afternoon Tea at Fanny’s Farm. I’ve been super excited for it as the tea was going to be extra special and take place in a tree house. We’ve been waiting to go when the weather was nicer and so booked to go this past weekend. Along with my sister Lauren we made our way to Fanny’s Farm on Sunday afternoon. We arrived early and wandered around the quirky farm, said hello to the chickens and browsed the adorable farm shop. Ready for tea we climbed up to the tree house and were served Afternoon Tea on sweet china sets complete with cakes and scones. The scones were definitely my favourite, but I also loved that the cakes were served with fresh fruit. The tree house was really cute and decorated with lots of fairy lights and other unusual objects. I loved that there were tree branches running through the table where we sat, not letting you forget where you were. It was nice to just sit in the cool shady tree house and chat as we finished up the pots of tea. Thank you Steve and Alexia for my wonderful tea! x