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Melbourne was full of great food. But they don’t half make you work for it. You can’t really book anywhere so you have to be prepared to wait a bit (one place we went to said we could be seated at 9:30…it was 6:15!). Also everything seemed to be tucked away (certainly to a non-local), with cool bars on rooftops and under bridges. But the city is crammed full of brilliant places to eat and drink and I loved how centred around food Melbourne was and how serious they seemed to be about it too. We ventured to loads of different places and even managed to fit in an afternoon tea! Read the rest of this entry »

I never thought I would like going to Australia as much as I did. Mostly because in my mind it was SO far. And it is. Like, really far. I also really didn’t know what else Australia had to offer. I’ve seen many pictures of the cute animals, heard about the amazing weather and seen hundreds of  Facebook friends’ travelling photos but I couldn’t imagine for myself what it would be like. Now I’m home I can say it really was worth the journey. Yes they have adorable animals and incredible weather (and yes, I was happy to be warm in January) but there was more. There were super friendly people, great art, beautiful scenery and most importantly delicious food.  Read the rest of this entry »

First stop on our adventure was LA. Between celebrating New Years Eve and catching up with friends I knew I had to fit in a visit to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. We managed to go on New Years Day, a very tasty way to start the year. I’ve been reading about it and watching YouTube videos (like the one below) for a while now and was desperate to experience it myself. It was just as fun as I thought it would be, complete with an annoyingly catchy theme song that plays while you order, which I’ll admit my sister and I sang to each other for the rest of the day. I chose a strawberry cupcake, I really have no idea why as it’s never really a flavour I go for, but it seemed like a good choice at the time. It was really good, but I can imagine that all the flavours are equally good. I love the thought of being able to get cupcakes outside of shop hours and hope that a few more of these open soon!