Happy Birthday Lauren

For my sister Lauren’s birthday I knew I wanted to make a cake as special as she is. I’d been planning and researching this cake for days and days. Reading about others who had made it and their tips on how not to mess it up. This cake is pretty on the outside and clever inside, just like Lauren. To get the ombre effect when you cut into it I baked four separate cakes all in different shades of purple. This was probably the hardest part as I couldn’t totally be sure if the colours had turned out right until it was cut. Once they were all baked I assembled it using blueberry jam in-between the layers and covered it in vanilla frosting. To create the frosting roses I used a star tip nozzle and piped them on in the different shades. I really loved making this cake for her and her face when she saw it was the best part. Happy Birthday Lauren!

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