Happy Birthday Tillie

I was recently asked to make some cupcakes for our neighbours’ daughter’s 3rd birthday party. This was a lovely task for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was great to do something for our neighbours who are really nice, and happen to have a couple of the cutest kids I’ve met. Secondly, I got to make something girly and pink which I hardly ever do. Her party was fairy themed so I covered them in a lot of edible glitter and pink stars. I was also really pleased to finally have a reason to use the large pink shiny cake board I’ve been eyeing for a while. Happy Birthday Tillie! I hope you had a lovely party.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Tillie

  1. Nicole you are an artist! These cupcakes were the most delicious and prettiest cakes we have ever seen and eaten! Thank goodness some guests didn’t turn up so Simon and I were able to eat one each!!! Well done Nicole and thanks again! Tillie was so happy to see and eat your creation and they were perfect!

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