Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because you get to eat turkey before Christmas. Or maybe it’s the lovely thought of seeing faces I only get to see every now and then. It’s both of these, but it also because of pumpkin pie. I love it. Seriously. Pumpkin and spices, there’s nothing better. The one we have at Thanksgiving always tastes so good and so not wanting to intrude on my love of it I made pumpkin cupcakes instead. I’ve had a tin of pumpkin in the cupboard just waiting for the moment to make these. I used this Hummingbird recipe and topped them with cream cheese frosting.
I finally mastered the cream cheese frosting. Previous attempts have always gone runny and I’m never able to pipe it. So following these tips I managed to get it right. The key was to beat the butter and sugar together for a while first and then add the cream cheese and use cold Philidelphia that way it stays nice and thick! They taste really good, nice and soft because of the pumpkin and not too sweet. I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tonight and will be taking lots of these with me. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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