Tasty Travels: Vienna

This weekend my sister, cousin and I went to Vienna. We had so much fun exploring the city and spent a lot of time admiring and tasting Vienna’s sweet treats. This included a cupcake shop, christmas markets, an iconic cake cafe and sipping on hot punches…

I looked up a couple of cupcake shops to visit before we left, Cupcakes Wien was top of my list. The shop itself was really pretty with rows of cupcakes piled high with frosting. We chose the Gluhwien cupcake, white chocolate cupcake and a poppy seed, raspberry and chocolate cupcake. They were delicious with strong and interesting flavours. They also had a selection of savoury cupcakes which looked equally good, such as the egg and bacon cupcake and the cous cous and balsamic cupcake.

We visited a few Christmas markets while we were there. I love the wooden huts which are bursting with cakes, biscuits, and pastries. I especially liked these cream donuts and cupcakes which we found at the Prater market.The one thing I was the most excited to taste over the weekend was the traditional Sachertorte. It’s a chocolate cake with a layer of apricot jam which is coated in chocolate icing and served with cream. We knew the best place to try it was at Cafe Sacher. So we had one cake and one Apple Strudel and lots of hot chocolate. This might have been the highlight of the weekend for me! Over the weekend we had quite a few hot drinks. Not only did they keep our hands warm but they were yummy too. They had so many different flavours it was hard to choose. These were our favourites which we got at the Museum Quartier. My sister had a berry one which came with a sugar stick that was on fire. My cousin had an apple one and I had amaretto and kirsch one topped with cream and a cherry sweet. Vienna was so much fun, not only did we eat and drink great things but the city was full of art, music and beautiful buildings.

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