Christmas Sweater Party

DSC_0926Christmas Sweaters (Jumpers) might be one of the best things about Christmas. The uglier the better. Every year I indulge in a novelty sweater normally from here, and this year was no exception. Last night my sister and I gathered all our friends to celebrate the festive season with a Christmas Sweater party. It was so much fun and everyone looked so cute in their sweaters! For the party I made these sweater biscuits using this cutter. It took a while to decorate them all but it was so worth it as I had tons of fun deciding what to put on each one. For some of them I took inspiration from real sweaters such a mine and my cousins which you can see below!

DSC_0957.JPGDSC_0923DSC_0920DSC_0919 DSC_0941  L1190607
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3 thoughts on “Christmas Sweater Party

    1. Hi Zara! Instead of a recipe here are some links on how to make these cookies…use your fave vanilla cookie recipe (I like this one: then I used a sweater cookie cutter (such as this: to cut them. To decorate I used Royal Icing sugar mixed with water (this one: or you could use a royal icing recipe (like this: they have a great tutorial too! So I outlined and flooded them then when they were dry I decorated on top of them using a mixture of icing pens and sprinkles. Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any further questions :) let me know how they turn out xx

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