Cupcakes for Keith

These cupcakes are for a guy called Keith at my sister’s work who is leaving. He’s such a lovely guy who has been at Found the longest out of anyone and I’m sure is gonna be majorly missed. I used gold foil cases and made both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, because I never know which people prefer. For the toppers I did this funny little bear drawing by hand, scanned it in to the computer and coloured him. Then I had the image made in to cake toppers. Let me explain the drawing…I’ve always liked doing funny animal drawings, they kind of really amuse me. So as Keith plays the ukulele and they are so tiny I chose a big bear to exaggerate this. He also does KaraUke. Yep that’s right karaoke to ukulele. Yep awesome. We should all go. Don’t worry, I’m aware that this is totally not a normal cake to give someone, but I think its kinda cute and I hope he likes it!

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2 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Keith

  1. Thanks so much for the cupcakes Nicole – very unexpected and very awesome. I never thought I would actually like Nutella in a cupcake, but I was very wrong.

    Also – KaraUke Gig is on 21st March and leaving drinks are on 22nd March – be great to see you there – you certainly deserve a few cocktails for these badboys!

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