Sweet Corn and Bacon Macarons

Yesterday was ‘Macaron Day’. I was informed of this by my Sister who loved my last attempt at macarons. She recently bought me a macaron book which includes a section with savoury options. I decided to surprise her by making some with her favourite ingredient, sweet corn (I once even made her a sweet corn cake). Sweet corn and bacon is one of our family’s favourite combinations; we have it in things like chowder and even our Christmas stuffing. To make these I fried some bacon and then blended it so I could sprinkle it on top of the piped macarons before they baked. For the macarons I used this recipe and added a tiny bit of yellow colouring. For the filling I made some fresh sweet corn, chopped it up and blended it with some marscarpone. Then I added a tiny bit of icing sugar to make it extra sweet. I assembled them by putting a bit of filling and some more bacon bits inside. They are kind of delicious and have that sweet and savoury thing going on that people seem to be mad for. They need to be eaten soon after assembling as this filling makes the shells soften quicker.

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